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Two Days Bring Two New Government Lies That Neither PNG Toiletpaper Daily Bothers To Investigate

by SALMA KULI JACOB It is small wonder that the UPNG students burnt stacks of the toiletpaper dailies AKA The National and the Post Courier.   Both of them fail miserably at objective reporting or achieving any kind of balance in giving both sides of the story.  They’re both content with recycling government verbal diarrhea into certified Post Courier or National pekpek, without  checking out the accuracy of anything they’re asked to run.   IFC Loan Approved For PNG.   Or Was It?   The Post Courier led the way in unprofessionalism on 2 May with the following story: This news comes from the Bank of PNG which we all have come to see is in collusion with Peter O’Neill.  Mind you, no nation’s central bank should ever come under political pressure, because this erodes confidence in a central bank to do what’s best for the economy, no matter what the political fallout.  Unfortunately, the big picture of making decisions usually seems to escape our leaders and top level bureaucrats these days,…