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by JOSEPH ANGAMAI Since taking office through Election Fraud Peter Yama has had ⚫ NO ASSEMBLY MEMBERS ⚫ NO PEC MEMBERS ⚫ All 6 District MPS , Deputy Governor and all the LLG Presidents withdrew from working with Peter Yama. Peter Yama has been dictating the Administration and holding illegal PEC meetings and moving millions of kina with the help of Madang Town Mayor, Joe Yama and 4 other LLG Presidents who resigned last year to contest the National Election. Peter Yama has NO Permanent Executive Officers because he has been hiring and firing them when they try to control his misconduct and misappropriation of public funds or disobey his orders. Right now he is dictating all the Public Service Positions by himself. To easily dictate and remove all the funds, he has all these rubber stamps. * Ben Neneo as Provincial Police Commander * Ethal Valakui as Provincial Legal Officer * John Bivi as Acting Administrator * Markus Kachau as Acting Deputy Govern


by BRYAN KRAMER   On 22nd December 2016 social media exposed an illegal land grab over two parcels of prime public land in Madang involving Minister of Petroleum & Energy and Member of Madang Open Nixon Duban and the Minister of Lands Benny Allan. On 5th December 2016 Minister of Lands Benny Allan issued a notice under Section 72(d) of the Lands Act (Powers of Minister to Grant State Lease Directly) granting a business lease for development of commercial complexes and residences over land described as Sir Donald Cleveland Park and Yabong Sports Field to a paper company Dawan Investments Ltd. Minister of Land's decision was made following the request of Member of Madang Nixon Duban in a letter dated 16 November 2016. Duban claimed that the Madang District Development Authority (DDA) resolved to develop the two parcels of land for the purpose of the 2018 APEC meeting. Duban goes on to claim that it was also the Board's (DDA) decision that Dawan Inves


Madang Sunrise ; Photo Credit Jan Messersmith by MARINA WAITA PMIZ promises spin-off business for landowners but would not allow locals to participate. When one talks of project development, three major parties are involved; the investors, the government and the landowners.  There would be consultation and understanding before any agreement is signed, finalized and launched before operations begin. But has this been the trend here in Papua New Guinea? For the case of Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ) in Madang Province, the answer is a big NO. There has never been proper consultation between the National Government and investors with the landowners of the Vidar site where the PMIZ project is located. The landowner’s constant struggles to make the government understand that they do not want the project seem to be falling on deaf ears. As they continue to raise concerns for the environment, potential creation of social problems and lack of real benefit in regards to

RD Tuna: Another Sad Example of Foreign Investor Contempt for the People of PNG

by SUSAN LOKUN The owner of RD Tuna company pretends to be a Christian as does the general manager. However the true feeling they have for the factory workers and for PNG in general is contempt. Look up that word if you don't understand the meeting of CONTEMPT. This is why RD Tuna parent company regularly dumps rubbish tuna onto the shores of PNG. The tuna from certain Dolores and Dolly types of tuna is fit for animal consumption only. However RD makes more money not by selling it as animal food in Australia. Instead they ship it to PNG from Philippines to sell as people food. Having known 2 people who have worked at RD tuna a few years back and heard stories about the way they treat their workers, I stopped thinking favourably of them and don't buy their products. I originally supported them because of the jobs I thought they would bring. I thought no further than jobs and that was my failure. In general you must understand that this company only does public


by SUSAN LOKUN It is amazing how our country could sell a resource that people around the world want and sometimes pay very good money for, then buy back the absolute garbage leftovers that the rest of the world doesn't want. We have some of the last remaining large resources of yellowfin tuna in the whole world.   It is one of our most precious resource.   RD Tuna was the first cannery built in PNG to supposedly develop PNG's tuna resource.   RD Tuna has always been a scam enterprise.     RD Tuna owner Rodrigo E. Rivera and his family who owns a heap of tuna canneries in General Santos and Cebu in the Philippines.   The RD group of companies began in 1976 as a pawnshop in General Santos City. Rivera owns a large fleet of tuna fishing boats named after his wife Dolly.   Those fishing boats go out all over the South Pacific, including PNG waters.   Very few of them dump their catch at the RD tuna cannery in Madang.  Most head straight for Philippines.