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by TED TEMO James Marape is the biggest liar, betrayer and hypocrite of all time. He is the definition of a wolf in sheep's skin. He was PNC, part of PNC and served as the longest serving Finance Minister for seven (7) consecutive years in the PNC Party government. He resigned from PNC Party and lied to this country and her people that he didn’t want to be part of a corrupt O’Neill government. However, to date he has not produced one single evidence and or laid one single complaint with Ombudsman Commission or Police National Fraud and Anti Corruption Directorate on his claims.   He was never genuine from the start. He said he only wanted to remove O’Neill and never wanted to be PM. However, in Laguna camp, he forced himself by putting his name down on VONC Motion Paper has the candidate for PM hoping that he will attract the numbers. Needless to say, he never attracted numbers and so fall short of the required majority (magic number) which is 56 MPs.  In failing his bid, he then w


by MATHEW THEOL A prominent Lawyer from Pangia in Wiru has raised his hand up for the Ialibu Pangia seat currently held by the Chief Executive Officer of PNG. Hon. Peter O'Neil and Prime Minister. The Lawyer has featured in the Post Courier today on page 9 is Mr. Stanley Liria who is a very close friend and associate to the Governor William Powi. The governor has been cheating the Prime Minister all along for the final blessing of PNC to endorse him for the Regional Seat befor e the 11 hour for the Candidate Challenging the Prime Minster who is endorsed by the Governor William Powi pops up into the scene after the formalities had been cemented. Looking back to the association of Governor- Wiliam Powi and Stanley Liria are good buddies both on the personal and business front and their relationship has further extended to politics to unseat the Prime Minister from his Ialibu Pangia seat which he held for three consecutive terms. It is now becoming very clear on one of h


by    GARY TEMO If you want to see the direction of the country, look no further than the Department of Works under the leadership of the Minister for Works, Francis Awesa MP, his Secretary David Were and Mr. John Kaiyo, the person responsible for all Aid monies coming into PNG directed towards the Department of Works. In a series of articles aims at exposing the corruption inside the Department of Works, we will be exposing three of the key people involved with the Works Department, The Minister responsible, the Department Secretary and the person responsible for all Aid Monies coming into the Department, these three have been identified to be involved in monies being diverted to areas outside the intended. Recent news and events about the collapse of the Highlands Highway has compelled us to look further into the government department responsible. Via cronyism, the Minister his secretary and key people inside the department are still at it, giving contracts to fake/paper compani