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by VINCENT MOSES Let me start by saying that I believe in you and your leadership PM Hon. James Marape . You are a good man and this was demonstrated when Peter O'Neill and others illegally removed Grand Chief from power, yet you stood with him. You have again demonstrated your humanity and leadership at the passing of this country's founding father by giving him the respect due to him and deserved by him.   Many of us worked hard behind the scenes to remove O'Neill and make way for you to be Prime Minister. I did my bit with Sam Basil in 2016 and 2017 and later with Bryan Kramer from 2017 to 2019. I was happy when you became PM in 2019 and later assumed leadership of PANGU PATI Inc.   I know you are one man and you need many good, honest and genuine politicians to surround you to make good decisions and lead our country into prosperity and make it the first rich Christian black nation on the face of the earth.   However, I personally question your leadership ever since C


INTELLIGENCE REPORT: DETECTION OF FOUL PLAY IN THE POM NW BY-ELECTION AT MURRAY BARRACKS COUNTING VENUE FACTS 1. On Friday 04 June 21 all ballot boxes for Ward 7 were stored at Murray Barracks Ben Moide Club before counting began on Tuesday 08 June 21. At approximate timings of 2000 - 2100 hours an unmarked vehicle 10 seater white in color drove into BMC. The driver of the vehicle approached one of the Military Police Guards and asked for the key of the container the boxes were stored in. There were 3x MPs guarding the ballot boxes locked inside the container at that particular time.  The MP’s responded that they don’t have the key. One of the MPs reported that after asking for the key he jumped back onto his vehicle and drove off. It was plain darkness as all lights were off due to the blackout from PNG Power and the guards could not recognize the person fully as well as the vehicle registration. 2. On Saturday 05 June at between 0200 hours – 0500 hours an unmarked vehicl


by TED TEMO James Marape is the biggest liar, betrayer and hypocrite of all time. He is the definition of a wolf in sheep's skin. He was PNC, part of PNC and served as the longest serving Finance Minister for seven (7) consecutive years in the PNC Party government. He resigned from PNC Party and lied to this country and her people that he didn’t want to be part of a corrupt O’Neill government. However, to date he has not produced one single evidence and or laid one single complaint with Ombudsman Commission or Police National Fraud and Anti Corruption Directorate on his claims.   He was never genuine from the start. He said he only wanted to remove O’Neill and never wanted to be PM. However, in Laguna camp, he forced himself by putting his name down on VONC Motion Paper has the candidate for PM hoping that he will attract the numbers. Needless to say, he never attracted numbers and so fall short of the required majority (magic number) which is 56 MPs.  In failing his bid, he then w


by DON POMB POLYE I do realise in the mind of the young a DESIRE FOR MORALLY  UPRIGHT ways of life for PNG. An UPRIGHT life for THEMSELVES, do they crave for!!!. The inference I have deduced expressed in social media and talking to many of them is that,  the  poor leadership  that some leaders have provided  has hampered their progress and success. The conduct of some leaderships have set very bad precedence that has misled many of them. The young have been confused as to which is the right example to follow or who would be the  correct lifestyle role model to emulate in National leadership, public service,  private sector,  in  or in other fields. The success stories are very rare in this country while  corruption and failure  is very  frequent and prevalent in their daily lives.The confidence of many of our  young has dwindled. This is very serious matter!!!  Business, politics, religion, family, traditions, cultures, public service, private sector, professionalism, employment , deve


by  JAMES ASANGE In politics… never retreat, never retract… never admit a mistake. Those were the words of a tyrant named Napoleon Bonaparte. The recent revelation regarding several Whatsapp messages among our Honourable Prime Minster, James Marape and his Pangu Party cohorts have stirred up so much anxiety amongst Papua New Guineans whilst also reinforcing blind faith in those that see him as a stainless demigod. Amidst the eminent threat posed by the Corona Virus pandemic, such a leak has been modulated by the government and the Prime Minister. Even educated Papua New Guineans do not wish to comment on the issue for varying reasons. I believe that everything happens for a reason and we all must embrace the fact that there is no such thing as accident; it is fate misnamed. Only a fool would believe that Pangu Party members weren’t promised anything for their loyalty and their support for the Prime Minister. Only a fool would believe that all the governments formed, both past


by SAM KOIM Is Political stability the main driver of investor confidence? I have been led, and I believe many are, to believe that political stability is needed to give investor confidence and growing the economy. This misconception of synonymising political stability to economic stability has it’s seldom appearances in public grandstanding and political discourses. This is what I've discovered in debunking this illusion. Political stability talks about the length of time a government is in power. In terms of investor confidence, it means the investors can count on the current (negotiating) government for durability and certainty of the current position. Yes, in countries and time periods with a high propensity of government collapse (political instability), growth is significantly lower than otherwise but is it really political instability that really caused decline in growth? Economists may articulate it more clearly than I, but I gather that economic s