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Very serious allegations are being made in relation to the shooting of a person at Fusion Restaurant on Friday March 14. These include allegations of a cover-up by police and politicians, and interfering with witnesses to the shooting. In the interest of transparency and accountability, and public confidence in the administration of justice, PNG Blogs poses the following questions to the RPNGC: Is the person implicated in the shooting Mr Lohia Boe Samuel, the Member for Moresby North-West? Why is Mr Boe Samuel’s name being withheld from publication? On whose orders is it being withheld? Did Mr Boe Samuel leave the scene of the shooting, and was he ordered back by police? Was Mr Boe Samuel arrested in relation to the shooting? At what time and where? Who arrested him? Who ordered that he be released? Was it the Police Commissioner? On whose instructions? Why was he ordered to be released? Is there any record of his arrest? Are police investigating allegations of bribery and intimidat


INTELLIGENCE REPORT: DETECTION OF FOUL PLAY IN THE POM NW BY-ELECTION AT MURRAY BARRACKS COUNTING VENUE FACTS 1. On Friday 04 June 21 all ballot boxes for Ward 7 were stored at Murray Barracks Ben Moide Club before counting began on Tuesday 08 June 21. At approximate timings of 2000 - 2100 hours an unmarked vehicle 10 seater white in color drove into BMC. The driver of the vehicle approached one of the Military Police Guards and asked for the key of the container the boxes were stored in. There were 3x MPs guarding the ballot boxes locked inside the container at that particular time.  The MP’s responded that they don’t have the key. One of the MPs reported that after asking for the key he jumped back onto his vehicle and drove off. It was plain darkness as all lights were off due to the blackout from PNG Power and the guards could not recognize the person fully as well as the vehicle registration. 2. On Saturday 05 June at between 0200 hours – 0500 hours an unmarked vehicl