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Powes Parkop went to Sydney on On Friday 12th May 2017 and returned late afternoon Sunday 14th May 2017, while in Sydney he met with Susan Merrell to plan on the upcoming elections. Merrell is by now a well known surrogate who has made a living crafting skills in doing hit pieces on opposition parties she is paid to destroy.

Within the walls of  NCD Governor's office and the City Hall staff offices there is now a growing air of suspicion that there is an ongoing love affair between Susan Merrell and Governor Powes Parkop. Whether this is true or false it is only shared by a few privileged ones including a source very close to Governor Parkop. So far as our source can recall, Susan Merrell started visiting the Governor's Office early this year.

She was given a lot of time and space to be with the Governor and was given a fully armed body guard to be with her on call 24 hours while she stay up at the Stanley Hotel suites.

Our source recalled several times seeing Mr Parkop and M…