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James Marape- The 8th Prime Minister. A year in Review


Twelve months ago who among us would have predicted  the rise of a much under rated James Marape as the 8th Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea putting an end to eight years of tumultuous rule by Peter O’Neill and his PNC Party.  In this article we profile the achievement of James Marape over the last 12 months and lay out the challenges both for Marape as Prime Minister and for the country he now leads and contrast that with the Style and achievements of Peter O’Neill, the man he replaced as Prime Minister.

James Marape continues to intrigue and surprise us with the array of tools he is deploying from a Pandora box of politics. Intrigue because from a base without money or support of big businesses or a regional based political party he was able to effect a regime change in PNG, a feat that will be hard to repeat for a long while. Surprised because the man he replaced is no political midget and to successful pull the rug from under   O’Neill’s   feet is a master strok…


by Therow Zuaru

The economy of the world and the way money is valued, is one of the biggest scams of the universe. Money and wealth are naturally backed by mineral resources, land, and basically physical commodities such as precious metals. But in Papua New Guinea, it is not so. It has created a view on national success as putting priority budget areas on financial assistance.

It is amusing to watch our politicians continue to become researchers researching into international financial schemes like WB, IMF, Exim Bank, ADB, EU, Ausaid, UBS, EU for soft loans development funds, financial aid to survive. Virtually for almost 45 years these financial institutions have been the proud sponsor for Papua New Guinea existence.

Papua New Guinea has been recipient of foreign assistance since independence and prepare our budgets factoring the aid dynamics into them. Important issue we must look at is the financial assistance has obviously been a primordial source of income for many Papua New Gui…



Reference a recent letter to the Editor of the Post Courier under the  caption “Kumul Petroleum,  Petronas in the making” published on June 12,  2019, authored by one “ BUSH COMMERCIAL LAWYER OF PORT MORESBY”.

The timing of this letter is quite uncanny. It was obviously timed to pre-empt and cuff the hand of Hon. James Marape MP, the new Prime Minister, who is the trustee shareholder of Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited and associated companies (“Kumul”). However, its timing betrays a tinge of fear
our bush lawyer obviously harbours in the new government having its own ideas of just what role, if any,  Kumul Board and its current CEO, Mr Wapu Sonk could play, in the greater campaign to take back PNG.

For information of the Bush Lawyer, the Kumul Petroleum Trustee has the power to sack any or the entire Board(s) and the CEO, if he pleases. But that is too simplistic. The fact that someone high up in Kumul obviously prompted such a letter to be written is itself somethi…


The new Marape-Davis government has created a centre-piece in the cabinet that the entire country is drawn in with so much interest in the appointment of Kerenga Kua and Bryan Kramer among the 33 cabinet ministers.The following are the uniqueness about their appointment, hence, became the centre-piece of attraction:
1. They were members of the opposition who never voted for PMJM.
2. Their appointment to ministry as opposition members was unconventional in the WestMinster System.
3. They were the two top critics of the last government whom PMJM & majority of his current cabinet members were part of.
4. They both stood for zero tolerance on corruption at all levels by both citizens and non-citizens.
5. They were both outspoken on white collar corruption and the arrest of former PM Hon. Peter O'Neill and his cronies.
6. They both understood every letter of the law and were willing to use the courts as their strongest weapon against anyone.
Why PMJM appointed them? Be…

O'Neill demonstrates traits of sociopathic/narcissistic and is a pathological liar - Bryan Kramer


Last week Friday was International Women's Day to coincide with the occasion Prime Minister Peter O'Neill announced he would bring to Parliament a proposal to introduce four regional reserved seats for women.

It was “only fair” that there is more debate about women’s role “at the leadership level”. There are currently 111 Members of Parliament in Papua New Guinea, representing 8.3 million people and not a single woman MP" O'Neill is reported saying.

O’Neill said it was a “sad fact” that women’s interests were neglected.

So is O'Neill genuinely concerned about women's interests?

Short answer is No.

He is perhaps the most hated person in PNG, so it obvious his announcement was nothing but a publicity stunt in a desperate effort to gain public support.

O'Neill has a record for saying anything with absolutely no intention of honoring it.

Soon after illegally occupying the Prime Minister seat in 2011 he announced his Government had set up Tas…

From arrows to M16s: PNG tribal fights get ever deadlier

Tribes in Papua New Guinea's rough and rugged highlands have fought each other for centuries, but a recent influx of automatic weapons risks turning minor beefs into all-out war.

Israel Laki misses the old days -- just a few years ago -- when clansmen would settle fights in what he deems the proper way: with bows, arrows, axes and spears.

It was honourable, he insists, even if an arrow once thumped within millimetres of his heart as he tried to axe a rival tribal fighter to death.

The wiry 69-year-old still carries the scars and spirit of the old ways from this picturesque part of central Papua New Guinea, which westerners only reached in the 1930s.

Even today, the modern state is little more than an abstract concept in the isolated region, where few respect the government.

Old rivalries persist, as do fights over rape, theft and tribal boundaries.

But tradition is increasingly melding with modernity, to devastating effect.

Locals now speak darkly of an influ…


Advertisement of the Chief Fire Officer closed on Friday 14th of June 2018. A good majority of qualified professionals have applied and we wish them good luck.
This is to expose the Devil and his Dark Angels within Fire Service which the Depts. of PLLGA, DPM & Ombudsman Commission have failed to address reported allegations of misappropriation and corruption since March 2018.
Acting Chief Fire Officer Bill Roo since November 2016 has defied then DPM Secretary John Kali's Instructions to advertise the Chief Fire Officer Position and no disciplinary action was taken on him. Since then, he has ceased the opportunity to steal, employ relatives, friends, promote relatives, friends, terminate firefighters, engage in business partnerships with whom he has interest in.
1.  While acting in Chief Fire Officer Position, Mr Bill Roo has been receiving HDA and EXL4 salary, which is facilitated by Fire Service acting HR Manager Gilbert Hickie & DPM's Gilbert Hou and others…


Outlined below are some of the most serious allegations that warrant the immediate termination of Mahesh Patel and appointment of a new Board chairman to take charge of the SOE. We will provide evidence once an internal investigation is set up.


1.    2012- VES (voluntary exit scheme). Mahesh Patel, being chairman of HR Sub- Committee went ahead and implemented the VES under the pretext of Government Reforms. The exercise was poorly planned and executed, which resulted in the termination of employment of approximately 500 qualified technical staff, engineers and support staff from their employment. As a result a skills gap was created, Telikom never recovered and recorded consecutive loss in revenue and never declared profit and paid dividends to the state up till 2017. The affected staff under VES in 2012 took Telikom PNG to court seeking damages to be awarded to them. In 2017, a three men Supreme Court Bench upheld the Natio…

Real estate development is the push behind Port Moresby’s growth - Not Government

Descending into Jackson’s on a hot shimmering Port Moresby afternoon I see the once peculiar sun tanned brown savannah is now replaced by sprawling suburbs after suburbs of modern design of compelling style. The mirage or an optical illusion created by the hot surface below made it look like undulating waves of melting steel and glass cascading into an unforgiving white-hot furnace of the fast approaching tarmac. On the hills to the left, you see excavators carving terraces and flattening land for trenches for foundations, utility conduits, and drainage piping. And swarming with carpenters, electricians and plumbers and all manners of tradesmen eager to pitch in to permanently change the once periphery of National Capital District. This is the growth of a remarkable landmark that is now fast defining the Port Moresby landscape.

And who is behind all these concrete pouring and sounds of rhythmic hammers and whining power saws? Is it by some charity group or some long-lost…

The Rot within the National Broadcasting Corporation

The National Broadcasting Corporation(NBC) has been an iconic institution ever since the pre-independence era. It is the largest media organization in PNG. This organization has provided vital news and information through its broadcast to the general population such as Government policies, the school program broadcast, current affairs, sporting news, health information, entertainment, weather reports and much more. The population of this country has been kept abreast with vital information from NBC over the last 40 years.

This once prime media organization has seen its demise in the last decade since the exit of MD Dr. Ninkama. Successive management has further pushed this organization deeper into oblivion.

The current management had its acting Managing Director is confirmed by the cabinet to the position for a period of 3 years, the MD and his new batch of senior management inclusive of the Board were seen as the savior of this organization. However, this is only a dist…