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To Secure Convictions, Satisfy Public Indignation or Just Going Through The Motions?
The recent Waigani Committal Court decision by Magistrate Ernest Wilmot must now be seen as a matter of national interest because it involved the alleged abuse of K80 millions of public funds – money that this country can ill afford to squander, impinged on the reputations of those charged and implicated and also on those who investigated the allegations and made the arrests.
The costs of the investigation itself would come close to several million as well, I suspect.
The learned magistrate cited “abuse of process” as the reason for dismissing the entire 22 charges. So this means that in not a single of these 22 charges did the investigators fail to abuse the process. It would have been enlightening indeed if His Worship had made mention of exactly what process was abused or how the abuse of process occurred. I suppose we will have to find out if and when this matter is appealed.
We are now …

Twisted tale into corruption [Excessive Legal billings and corrupt state officials]

The Attorney General is empowered to brief private lawyers/counsel to act for the State. This occurs when there is need for particular expertise or the Attorney General is unable to undertake the work itself. From Finance Department records a Commission of enquiry found that over the period 2000 to 2006 the State incurred liability in payouts of approximately K100 million in legal fees. The Inquiry saw that there has been no compliance with the Public Finances (Management) Act procedures of expenditure for approval prior to engaging in those brief outs. A  Commission of enquiry after making extensive examination of these payments with ready assistance from all the law firms concerned except Paul Paraka Lawyers which has been the recipient of at least the K41 million in brief out fees for January 2003 to August 2006 noted in NEC records.

 Let me illustrate what I mean by excessive legal fee with our so called Chief Secretary of the National Government, Mr. Isaac Lupari. Mr I…

PNG’s democracy gazes creepy: Laws are bend, broken and institutions are scapegoated with adverse force.


Since independence from 1975, Papua New Guinea has enjoyed a vibrant democracy and the rule of law was at its helm with due respect and law breakers were dealt with accordingly. Six years ago things begin to change, taking a toll to all new level with corruption wide spreading in every government offices. When the country was about to embrace the benefits of the largest LNG project in the Pacific, a forcefully taken government was formed with Peter O’Neill at the rudder. Literally, Peter O’Neill was forced into the office of the Prime Minister – an issue which the courts find no jurisdiction to intervene. It was a number game and so be it – O’Neill with the numbers took by storm.

This ‘invasion’ mounted a psychological effect in the minds of Peter O’Neill which was witnessed through his unpreceded and unbecoming behavior of a person to occupy the higher in the country with integrity, moral ethics and sensitivity to the rule of law. The country was shocked with drasti…


This article brings to light the dark side and unknown secrets of Peter O'Neill, the Member for Ialibu Pangia Electorate and the Prime Minister of PNG. These uncompromising and compelling truths revealed here might surprise you, but you will not regret that you have discovered the deep secrets of his background and character unknown to the majority of Papua New Guineans and the whole world.

During the political impasse since August 2 2011, I have supported the O'Neill/Namah regime against the Somare/Abel regime. The reason of my support was to change Somare’s unpopular regime that was deeply systematic and systemically corrupt. In the process, I admit that our constitution was tempered and violated. Even though our Supreme Court ruled in favour of Somare’s legitimacy, I went at great lengths to argue and support that O'Neill/Namah regime was legitimate. Consequently, the Somare/Abal regime was dethroned and destabilised. They usurped the power as an …

PNG election ragged with corrupt money – Is GRUF a hidden version PNC party?

byPETER S. KINJAP AT around the same time five (5) years ago, the Peter O’Neill and PNC team on campaign rallies promised to curb high level corruption in the Government, if we could remember. The then disbanded Investigation Task Force Sweep (ITFS) was setup for this purpose which did an excellent job exposing and prosecuting corruption and malfeasance. Along the way, when the police fraud squad got too nosy for comfort, police commissioner Garry Baki applied a somewhat special “vetting” to high profile cases under investigation, something which appears to be a smokescreen to hide the Paul Paraka saga that involves questioning Peter O’Neill. This is evident when Paul Paraka wrote to the Police Commissioner Garry Baki to ‘crash’ all files relating the case dated August 2016. The bond between Paul Paraka and Peter O’Neill is not so hidden. When Paul Paraka was arrested on the Oct 23, 2013 over 18 allegations, he claimed the payments were for the work done by his Law firm and are lawful. P…



Dear Mr. Paraka:
The April 7, 2017 issue of the Post Courier reported how you announced with much fanfare before thousands of Papua New Guineans your intention to contest for member of Parliament as the leader of GRUF (Grass Roots United Front).  You were rather gruff in the assertions you made.

You stated that if elected you would pass legislation to the effect that “all open members and governors will never come to the city of Port Moresby”, with the only exception being during sessions of Parliament.
You also said that you would “monitor the movements” of Members of Parliament to ensure that they are spending time in their districts.

It is a waste of tax payer resources to have numerous government spies shadowing the movements of MPs 24/7.  Or was it you plan to have electronic devices attached to the ankles of each MP to trace their every step?  It sounds like a high level of government surveillance as promoted in George Orwell’s book 1984.

You have failed to consider…

Open Letter to Sir Michael Somare

Open Letter to Sir Michael Somare   

Grand Chief, before you bow out of the picture, we need you.  We realize you are 80 years old and you will be retiring from PNG politics in June 2017.  At the same time your influence, stature and leadership is essential during this time of unparalleled corruption.  
The current administration is knee-deep in pekpek of its own making.  They’ve done a masterful job of sidelining and silencing Sam Koim, leader of the Task Force Sweep.  Koim was hand-picked by the O’Neill government to spearhead the drive against the corruption pervasive in all levels of government.  Then, ironically, when Koim starts making some headway in addressing government fraud, O’Neill neutralizes him.  
Sir Michael, please address two or three of the major corruption issues of the last several years.  Shout out from the rooftops about the abuse of power of the current administration.  It’s been reported once before, but the people of PNG need to hear it again.��…