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How Peter O’Neill Mismanaged PNG's Economy.


PNGeans, we seem to FORGET things very easily and blow with the wind of PROPAGANDA to believe falsified make-believe social media posts, controlled mainstream media headlines (controlled by conglomerate Foreign companies & Former regime), and gossips on the streets.
Those of you praising your Master on Media and Facebook forums must read this carefully and this are few but I will post in details from time to time .

Peter O’Neill|KING wiru Mari | Leadership

1. The K37 billion loan (dinau) incurred by former Prime Minister Peter O'Neill that you and me and our children will have to 'repay' in the years to come.

2. The inflated contracts in billions of Kina by Peter O'Neill that was swept under the carpet in the name of "Infrastructure". The 10% cuts and excessive overpriced costs for all infrastructures are something that PNGeans must know.

For example, the back road from 9mile to Gerehu/Baruni costed almost to a billion Kina when it shou…



I do realise in the mind of the young a DESIRE FOR MORALLY  UPRIGHT ways of life for PNG. An UPRIGHT life for THEMSELVES, do they crave for!!!. The inference I have deduced expressed in social media and talking to many of them is that,  the  poor leadership  that some leaders have provided  has hampered their progress and success. The conduct of some leaderships have set very bad precedence that has misled many of them. The young have been confused as to which is the right example to follow or who would be the  correct lifestyle role model to emulate in National leadership, public service,  private sector,  in  or in other fields. The success stories are very rare in this country while  corruption and failure  is very  frequent and prevalent in their daily lives.The confidence of many of our  young has dwindled. This is very serious matter!!!

 Business, politics, religion, family, traditions, cultures, public service, private sector, professionalism, employment , devel…


The shocking arrest of former Prime Minister and Member for Ialibu Pangia Hon Peter O’Neill, CMG  came about when the SOE Order for 14 days quarantine law was violated by the Special Investigation Team operating at the Police Headquarters.

The Special Investigation Team was using a warrant issued by the Waigani Committal Court from a Magistrate whose jurisdictions is in question on whether or not the Magistrate has powers under the Arrest Act or Search Warrant Act to issue warrants.

It appears the Magistrate that issued the Warrant was a level 4 Magistrate thus contrary to law as the powers to issue warrants only authorized and sanctioned by law to be signed of by the Chief Magistrate, Deputy Chief Magistrate and Senior Provincial Magistrate (All Level 5).
Interestingly this Magistrate is from East Sepik Province and the policemen involve from East Sepik Province.

The blame game will now continue, in amidst of confusing there are fake social media news circulated lately…

Husait rausim pekpek bilong husait?

In every comments or statement a supporter or admirer of PM Hon. James Marape when he/ she argue in defence of PMJM he/ she would say PMJM is cleaning the mess created by Hon. Peter O'Neil.

I find it hard to comprehend and always beg question 'is the person commenting knows what he/she is saying?' 

Peter O'Neil employed the same people that are now being employed by PMJM. They all created the mess together and now PMJM tries to clean it. While in the process of cleaning it PMJM is careful not to hurt his own foot. That something we all citizens should know and understand.
For us to praise PMJM and denounce PO is not a right thing to do.

To avoid shooting his own foot PMJM would change and shift his strategies to deviate our attention from the real corruption issues that he vowed to fight when he took over from PMPO.

Fighting of Coronavirus, approval of Superannuation funds, Sapotim Wantok Foundation and his other actions and deeds are mechanism employed…

James Marape- The 8th Prime Minister. A year in Review


Twelve months ago who among us would have predicted  the rise of a much under rated James Marape as the 8th Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea putting an end to eight years of tumultuous rule by Peter O’Neill and his PNC Party.  In this article we profile the achievement of James Marape over the last 12 months and lay out the challenges both for Marape as Prime Minister and for the country he now leads and contrast that with the Style and achievements of Peter O’Neill, the man he replaced as Prime Minister.

James Marape continues to intrigue and surprise us with the array of tools he is deploying from a Pandora box of politics. Intrigue because from a base without money or support of big businesses or a regional based political party he was able to effect a regime change in PNG, a feat that will be hard to repeat for a long while. Surprised because the man he replaced is no political midget and to successful pull the rug from under   O’Neill’s   feet is a master strok…


By : Frank Z Amos

APEC Thieves met with O'Neill and are modifying the report to cover up their stealing. PNG people must know that public servants are plotting with the old regime to overthrow Marape Steven Government.
On Friday the 24th of January, 2020 APEC staff mostly public servants and beneficiaries of the stolen monies plan to meet Peter Oneil at the VIP Lounge on the 8th Floor of Crown Hotel, Port Moresby at a WEIRD time of 10.49PM late into the nite. VIP lounge was closed to guests in preparation for that secretive meeting.

The people involved are :

Justin Tkachenko
Charles Abel
Isaac Lupari
Ivan Pomaleu
Barbara Agelavu
Julie Wapo
Lahui Ako
Frank Aisi
Eileen Aitsi
Brendon Pulai
Anna Amos
Evelyn Mano
Chris Hawkins

Prime Minister please take note, they are finding ways to see you to buy your favor.
Police Minister please investigate APEC scandal. APEC's scandal is bigger than UBS!

The Prime Minister must have rejected the APEC report submitted earlier and the group hired two TOP au…

O'Neill demonstrates traits of sociopathic/narcissistic and is a pathological liar - Bryan Kramer


Last week Friday was International Women's Day to coincide with the occasion Prime Minister Peter O'Neill announced he would bring to Parliament a proposal to introduce four regional reserved seats for women.

It was “only fair” that there is more debate about women’s role “at the leadership level”. There are currently 111 Members of Parliament in Papua New Guinea, representing 8.3 million people and not a single woman MP" O'Neill is reported saying.

O’Neill said it was a “sad fact” that women’s interests were neglected.

So is O'Neill genuinely concerned about women's interests?

Short answer is No.

He is perhaps the most hated person in PNG, so it obvious his announcement was nothing but a publicity stunt in a desperate effort to gain public support.

O'Neill has a record for saying anything with absolutely no intention of honoring it.

Soon after illegally occupying the Prime Minister seat in 2011 he announced his Government had set up Tas…

Reason behind O'Neill's wet pants moment running to Supreme Court to stop VONC


You know why Mr Panic O'Neill ran over to Supreme Court to stop VONC? Here is the real reason...

Supreme Court interpretation of Sections 19 of the Organic Law on Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates was made by the former Chief Sir Salamo Injia in 2011 and 2016. It was ruled, some parts of this section of the constitution unconstitutional (removed). No longer applicable;

1) Part of the law (Section 19) that states, all PM candidates must be leaders of their political parties and must have the highest number of its candidates winning in elections. Only parties with the highest number will be allowed by the Governor General to form a government.
#RULLING: Supreme Court ruling made this part of the law unconstitutional (removed). That means any MP can be a PM candidate regardless as long as he/she can master the number on the floor of Parliament.

2) Part of the law (Section 19) that states, MPs who have voted for a PM in the formation of the new government …

PM should stand down over his corporate conduct

[Press Release by Rt Hon Sir Mekere Morauta] Prime Minister Peter O’Neill should stand down and submit himself to an independent external inquiry into very serious allegations of personal and corporate impropriety.

The allegations concern his then wholly-owned construction company Wild Cat Developments Ltd and a bridge-building contract with the Asian Development Bank. The bank investigated the contract and found it to be improperly and incompletely implemented by Mr O’Neill’s company.

The bank found proper tender processes had not been followed, rigging of the tender process, misrepresentation, financial management deficiencies, potential integrity violations, serious procurement irregularities, contravention of contract terms, and lack of qualification to tender. Reports by the Guardian newspaper and the PNGi network state that the 2015-2016 project in West New Britain Province “was fraught with problems, requiring the ADB to temporarily stop payments and send in inspectors …. Event…

In Papua New Guinea shanty-towns, residents question APEC legacy


PORT MORESBY: Barely a five-minute drive from the US$50 million conference venue for the just-concluded Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Papua New Guinea's capital, a makeshift squatter settlement is tucked away from visiting world leaders.
The Wanigela settlement in Port Moresby looks out directly over APEC Haus, but might as well be a world away.

With the South Pacific nation's rainy season looming, Wanigela's thousands of residents are packed together in overcrowded and dilapidated dwellings with no sanitation and unreliable electricity supplies.
For all the hope and promise the APEC summit would put PNG on the world stage – and attract investment that will translate into jobs and infrastructure – many are questioning how such an international event will benefit their everyday lives.

"The government says APEC is going to improve our lives, but I don’t know, because our politics is not trustworthy," said Bradley Kalau…



Up to 80% of sitting Members of O'Neill Government are expected to lose their seat following 2022 General Elections.


Corruption and mismanagement of the Economy.

The last time our economy nose dived was in 1997 and 1998 under Skate PNC Government, a Government Peter O'Neill was a key adviser to.

In just two years under a PNC led Government Kina plunged in value from being one and a half times stronger than Australian dollar in 1994 to less than 37 cents by end 1999.

Interest rates on Government Treasury bills was as high as 24% which would normally be between 6%-9%.

Lack of confidence in Skate Government also saw investors and private sector rush to send funds out of the country, concerned over the Kina fast losing its value. This caused a serious shortage in foreign currency reserves that went from US$500 million in 1996 to as low as $80 million by middle of 1999.

In 1996 the debt levels were around 36% in less than one year under Skate PNC Government,…



While Post Courier published the front page headline "Yes We Did It'! the rest of the international media reported No we didn't!
For the first time in APEC Summit history, leaders of 21 Nations were unable to agree on a formal written declaration.

The purpose of APEC is to enhance economic growth and prosperity for the region and to strengthen the Asia-Pacific community.

The Guardian reported O’Neill denied the failure to agree on a declaration was a humiliation for his poverty-hit country, which was hosting the annual gathering of the 21 nations for the first time.

So how did it go so wrong?

Look no further than the Chairman of APEC Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, while in PNG politics where he divides others in the pursuit of his own personal interest this time round it back fired on him.

Never in the history of APEC has the host country made the blunder of staging a State visit at the same time. In this case O'Neill knowing the divide between C…



Everyone knows the history and international politics, I will just give a brief ... Power in international relations is defined in several different ways.. Those states that have significant amounts of power within the international system are referred to as Superpowers, big powers, middle powers, and small powers respectively. The power is measured by military and economic power. Countries like the US, Russia, China are a superpower...Example of Big power countries are Great Britain, France and for middle power in Australia and few others...So PNG fits into small power group...That means PNG can be easily influenced by Super Power countries in terms of money via aid and military by conducting an exchange training programme or other means.

Going back to political history..The Cuban Missile Crisis, in 1962 confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union concerning American ballistic missile deployment in Italy and Turkey with consequent Soviet ballistic mis…


MRDC is the Trustee of funds belonging to Landowners of major resource projects in the country. It makes "investments" on behalf of the landowners. Peter O'Neil in his capacity as PM owns the shares of MRDC and Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari is the Chairman of the Board.

In 2012 CEO Augustine Mano and the MRDC board bought the fledgeling Resort in Fiji with much fanfare. The resort boasts an 18 hole golf course and numerous swimming pools. This transaction was rushed despite opposition from landowners and against the advice of experts in the hospitality industry in Fiji. MRDC not only purchased the resort but it also invested heavily in the construction of a new wing.

It appears that the resort is now in serious financial strife with very low occupancy rates and dwindling income. Rooms are believed to be offered now for as low as K120 as no one is going there. The financial status of the resort and all other MRDC investments cannot be confirmed as the financial statements h…


Dear Prime Minister
Greetings to you and the Cabinet.
This morning (Monday) 22nd of October 2018 I visited the Cancer Ward at Port Moresby General Hospital at 1:13 am.
The purpose of my visit was to see and feel the life in this ward. Hon Prime Minister the first feeling that engulfed me as soon as I opened the door was similar to walking into a morgue.
There was no life in this building except the lights from fluorescent tubes. I will bring you to the realities in this place.
Hon Prime Minister, if you stand where I stood you will see a stretch of corridor. If you look to your left and right, you will see curtains hanging lifelessly on the doors. I believe you would vividly know what is behind those curtains.
If you peep through these curtains you will see our mothers, wives and sisters awaiting their deaths. Looking at their lifeless faces and you see Death is inevitable. They expected it to come to them any moment.
There are about 36 innocent patients awaiting death. Their Cance…