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How Peter O’Neill Mismanaged PNG's Economy.

by HARINI MATABI ALUMALE PNGeans, we seem to FORGET things very easily and blow with the wind of PROPAGANDA to believe falsified make-believe social media posts, controlled mainstream media headlines (controlled by conglomerate Foreign companies & Former regime), and gossips on the streets. Those of you praising your Master on Media and Facebook forums must read this carefully and this are few but I will post in details from time to time . Peter O’Neill|KING wiru Mari | Leadership 1. The K37 billion loan (dinau) incurred by former Prime Minister Peter O'Neill that you and me and our children will have to 'repay' in the years to come. 2. The inflated contracts in billions of Kina by Peter O'Neill that was swept under the carpet in the name of "Infrastructure". The 10% cuts and excessive overpriced costs for all infrastructures are something that PNGeans must know. For example, the back road from 9mile to Gerehu/Baruni costed almost to a billion Kina when it


CABAL REASSERTS CONTROL OF KEY STATE AGENCIES. by JOHN ENDEMONGO KUA It wasn't a surprise to read about the acquittal of the controversial private lawyer - who before his brush with the law had operated the largest legal outfit troughout the nation on engagement by the state to provide pro bono or free legal services to state remandees trough out the nation. Prior to his arrest he was the envy of the prestigious legal profession for having had the determination and foresight to provide a necessary service the state government was unable to provide for its citizens as it just didn't have the capacity to provide the services through its department of justice. For a while it was serving the needs of the people and the government was quite happy with the legal firm was doing until greed came along to use the legal services to draw out extra money. Police obtained a letter which was purported to be signed by the former prime minister authorising the outstanding legal bills of more t


by TED TEMO James Marape is the biggest liar, betrayer and hypocrite of all time. He is the definition of a wolf in sheep's skin. He was PNC, part of PNC and served as the longest serving Finance Minister for seven (7) consecutive years in the PNC Party government. He resigned from PNC Party and lied to this country and her people that he didn’t want to be part of a corrupt O’Neill government. However, to date he has not produced one single evidence and or laid one single complaint with Ombudsman Commission or Police National Fraud and Anti Corruption Directorate on his claims.   He was never genuine from the start. He said he only wanted to remove O’Neill and never wanted to be PM. However, in Laguna camp, he forced himself by putting his name down on VONC Motion Paper has the candidate for PM hoping that he will attract the numbers. Needless to say, he never attracted numbers and so fall short of the required majority (magic number) which is 56 MPs.  In failing his bid, he then w


by REGINALD HAUREVA Reference a recent letter to the Editor of the Post Courier under the  caption “Kumul Petroleum,  Petronas in the making” published on June 12,  2019, authored by one “ BUSH COMMERCIAL LAWYER OF PORT MORESBY”. The timing of this letter is quite uncanny. It was obviously timed to pre-empt and cuff the hand of Hon. James Marape MP, the new Prime Minister, who is the trustee shareholder of Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited and associated companies (“Kumul”). However, its timing betrays a tinge of fear our bush lawyer obviously harbours in the new government having its own ideas of just what role, if any,  Kumul Board and its current CEO, Mr Wapu Sonk could play, in the greater campaign to take back PNG. For information of the Bush Lawyer, the Kumul Petroleum Trustee has the power to sack any or the entire Board(s) and the CEO, if he pleases. But that is too simplistic. The fact that someone high up in Kumul obviously prompted such a letter to be written is itself s

Rival Ialibu Pangia candidates accuse O’Neill of ‘rigging’ PNG general election

by PETER S. KINJAP   Candidates contesting Papua New Guinea’s Ialibu/Pangia Open Electorate in the Southern Highlands province have accused Prime Minister Peter O’Neill of “rigging” the country’s national elections. “Today confirmed everyone’s worst fears – these elections were deliberately rigged from the start,” said Stanley Liria, one of the candidates who signed a formal protest letter with election manager David Wakias before polling began in the electorate. The open electorate is where Prime Minister O’Neill is the incumbent MP. The rival candidates claimed in their letter the electorate was not ready for polling today. The candidates are Jerry Kiwai, Nepoleon Rema, Tua Yasa, Stanley Liria, Justus Rapula, Leonard Pangepea and Dr Sam Kari. At a meeting at Ialibu District Office, they unanimously agreed that certain issues be “properly addressed” before polling started. Their letter was registered with the manager Wakias. ‘Treating people like dirt’ Candidate Liria said people