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Former Petroleum Resources Gobe Chairman MR Philip Kende is a Rapist and a Child molester who needs to be arrested and jailed behind bars. Mr. Kende has been sexually abusing a 16 year old underage girl since last year until a few weeks ago, when the victim decided to speaks out. Hes been sexually abusing the victim countless times and threatening to kill her if she speaks up. The victim is the daughter of Philip Kende's wife smaller brother. Family member were devastated and disgusted when the victim finally came out with the revelations. Philip Kende is a known sex predator in Port Moresby, Mr Philip Kende is also an HIV active patient. He has been living on medication ever since his 2nd wife from Tatana died from the virus 2 years ago. Some concerned family members are worried about  the young girls health. They are still waiting for the Medical report. What is more sickening is that the  wife of Mr Kende Mrs Sharon Kende who is the victim's aunt has had a clear knowledge ab