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by JAMES MARAPE MP   Today I was informed of a circulation in FB and PNGBLOGS.COM website on latest Paraka Lawyers claim for money at Finance again for so call outstanding unpaid bills. Using this public forum may I confirm that this law firm unashamedly submits yet again another claim of K24.1million addressed to Finance Secretary. I was presented a copy of this claim and I feel this firm has lost its human and moral mind. For them to have the audacity to resubmit another claim after causing so much pain to some of us when in late October 2012 i instructed for State Solicitor to verify the Bills he submitted that time, yet he and few officers colluded to run four separate payments ( 14m im November 2012, 8m in Dec 2012, 6m in March 2013, 8m in May 2013). This firms appetite for money has caused many person loss of job, many family suffer, many of us fighting to clear ourselves because the firm's continuous scrupulous manner of bill submission. The taxation