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 Tukaha Mua (Fijian TVWAN boss) TV Boss & Hennah Joku (petite sex dynamite) TV Reporter PNGBlogs exposes former TVWAN TV Reporter and well known Womens Rights advocate Ms. Hennah Joku is a fraud, a liar and home-wrecker. We can reveal now that Hennah Joku was unceremoniously dumped and terminated by TVWAN for having a sexual relationship with her Fijian boss, Mr. Tukaha Mua over a period of 1 to 2 years. Given the nature of her work on TV and the media – Hennah Joku demands the spotlight on her.  Publicly on social media she claims to be a victim of an abusive relationship with a former partner. We can reveal now that Hennah Joku is a serial home-wrecker and a liar who shifts blame away from herself.  She has damaged so many loving relationships and has wrecked so many homes - it is actually difficult for us to establish the exact number of marriages she has destroyed over many years, as a direct result of her sexual escapades with the husbands or boyfriends of too many women. This