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Powes Parkop went to Sydney on On Friday 12th May 2017 and returned late afternoon Sunday 14th May 2017, while in Sydney he met with Susan Merrell to plan on the upcoming elections. Merrell is by now a well known surrogate who has made a living crafting skills in doing hit pieces on opposition parties she is paid to destroy. Within the walls of  NCD Governor's office and the City Hall staff offices there is now a growing air of suspicion that there is an ongoing love affair between Susan Merrell and Governor Powes Parkop. Whether this is true or false it is only shared by a few privileged ones including a source very close to Governor Parkop. So far as our source can recall, Susan Merrell started visiting the Governor's Office early this year. She was given a lot of time and space to be with the Governor and was given a fully armed body guard to be with her on call 24 hours while she stay up at the Stanley Hotel suites. Our source recalled several times seeing Mr Parkop


by BRYAN KRAMER Prime Minister Peter O'Neill’s infamous lawyer Ms Tiffany Twivey and for-hire political publicist Ms Merrell claim the recent arrest of Deputy Secretary of Treasury Mr. Aloysius Hamou was carried out by rogue cops though intimation and based on political motives. Director of National Fraud & Anti-corruption Directorate Mathew Damaru and his Deputy Timothy Gitua laid formal charges against Mr. Hamou on Thursday 28th January 2016 under Section 92(1) of the Criminal Code (Abuse of Office). He was charged for his alleged part in the illegal procurement (purchase) of two turbine generators for K50 million paid to Israeli company LR Group by the Department of Treasury. I broke the story on social media on Friday afternoon (29/1/16). An immediate response was issued from Ms Merrell and Ms Twivey. This was expected on account that their client, Peter O'Neill, is heavily implicated in the unlawful transaction. Ms Merrell posted a rather conv

The Issues too sensitive to touch

by KUNI BIMUNDI I posed a query “who is funding PM O’Neill’s legal fees?”. Gregory Shepherd, believed to be the lead counsel in all the PM’s court cases, responded and said the State is paying for PM’s legal fees. He further asserted that the Attorney General briefed out cases and payment originates from State Solicitor. Gregory however did not stop at his response. He took a swipe at Mr Sam Koim in the guise of responding to my question. I was at a loss trying to connect how Greg was diverting his attention to Mr Koim. Mr Koim responded to Greg’s comments. The ensuing conversations/comments were hilarious and entertaining. Here is my take on the responses and various comments. Gregory Shepherd raised issues that he is already challenging in court hence Koim described him as engaging in “street fights”. Recent media reports of the cases attest to that. Whilst we citizens are bullied by lawyers for discussing court matters, lawyers like Greg himself took Koim to task in a pub