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PNG needs maturity in political debates

by PETER S. KINJAP Papua New Guinea has entered the third week of the eight-week election campaign before polling commences next month. Unlike previous elections, this year’s campaign appears not as noisy as in the past. Social media has played an important role in the campaign so far with political parties buying Facebook pages to launch their awareness messages. Almost all the 15 political parties in PNG contesting the election now have a paid Facebook Page. The ruling People’s National Congress (PNC) has reportedly disseminated a lot of information about its polices and continues running social media ads. One of the PNC’s major party platforms is the Free Education policy. As the ruling party, it has implemented and PNG has felt its impact since 2012. Like any other government policy, the PNC free education policy has its weaknesses. In order to defend this policy, party leader and Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said recently he wanted to make the PNC’s free educat


by WABAG OBSERVER Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas' defection from his People's Party to join the ruling PNC party in the eleventh -hour has attracted criticisms, wanders and, of course, amazement from the citizens. His move was made during the seven-day nomination period. He made the decision after its party had prepared itself well to contend for the top post this election. It hosted its party convention at his motel Bluff Inn outside Port Moresby. His supporters and fans have flowed with his decision, a something which Ipatas defended as a move to maintain political stability after the election like confirmed by PM O'Neill who said he moved to PNC at his own will. His critics alleged him for being lured with the promise of PSIP and other funds in light of the cashflow crisis. This was not in the best interest of the province where it is known for its integrity and quality leadership in the country. PNG's former Opposition Leader late Sir Tei Abal, late Sir Alb

Polye Is But a Sounding Cymbal:

By  Fasa Gima Stanley David I will highlights some very important personal views below and I hope nobody will take my view as political gimmick...well if you do so, it's your right as well as my right of freedom of expression. Firstly , we must know that Ignorance is one of the master killer of life's fabric of connections and survival. Below are some of Polye's ignorances that matters most to us the people that he boostfully represent and connections to his style of leadership (People's Connections to Polye's Leadership) For transparency sake, and as far as I know, let me tell my readers that few of the services delivered by our local MP are devalued and DSIP and Ministerial money were less used and I don't know where DSIP money most went...He was the minister all these 10 donkey years and nothing is shown in Kandep...If Sam Basil, a opposition MP can change Bulolo, whats wrong with our MP...!!? There is nothing that Justifies Mr Polye's existence


by BRYAN KRAMER A hot political issue right now is the looming vote of no confidence against the O'Neill Government. It's an issue I have been tracking for some time and carried out a degree of research into. So will the Opposition succeed? Well it may not succeed in changing the Government but it may initiate a course of action that just succeed in removing Peter O'Neill as the head of the Government. On October 12, Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare dropped a political bombshell announcing he had tendered his resignation from the National Alliance Party. It was reported Somare was concerned about how the economy was being mismanaged. He could not remain in the Party that supported the O'Neill Government and what he termed as the habitual illegal and negligent actions of Peter O'Neill as the Prime Minister. Somare's decision fuelled speculations that a vote of no confidence against O'Neill was imminent. Peter O'Neill was quick to res