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Is Minister Tkatchenko paying taxes? Evidence he's not for 15 years.

Astonishing tax evasion and fraud allegations are being raised against APEC Minister Justin Tkatchenko that he has been cheating the PNG public over the last 15 years.

Publicly accessible Tax Office documents reveal Tkatchenko has failed to pay both company and personal tax in fifteen years. Worse, he appears to have taken K670,000 of another company’s tax credits for his personal gain.

Police investigations are now underway, with suggestions that this could be part of a much larger web of organised tax credit theft.

Tkatchenko is no stranger to fraud allegations. In 1999, an independent investigation into NCDC led to criminal charges being laid on Tkatchenko, but the case was dismissed before going to trial, a move that was heavily criticised by the National Court.

Allegations only grew more serious over time, all with a common outcome for the people of PNG – absolutely nothing. Most recently in 2015, his company ‘PNG Gardener’ was questiona…