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by PAUL J REINBARA Name alike, do alike –Geoffrey Vaki v Gari Baki It is not an uncommon incident to see those who are named alike do alike. The two names Geoffrey Vaki and Gari Baki rhyme but do they in conduct? Some Commonalities observed are as follows. APPOINTMENT Both men were budded (taken from outside) into the post of the Commissioner of Police by the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill under very suspicious circumstances. The appointments were made amidst imminent arrest of PM O’Neill relating to his approval of fraudulent payments to controversial law firm Paul Paraka Lawyers. The appointment and/or removal of Commissioner of Police just like any other head of a Department, goes through a merit based appointment process, which includes public advertisement, consultation with the Public Service Commission and NEC. Public records show that none of these processes were invoked in the appointment/removal of these two Commissioners. THE FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS AFTER APPOI