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O’Neill’s Economic recklessness Affecting Students

by STEVEN ANDRE   CALL TO STUDENT PROTESTS As the country is plagued by the consequences of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s economic mismanagement and corruption, it has now reverberated to places that no developing country would dream of –the education sector. NO MONEY FOR TERTIARY INSTITUTIONS To start with, the Government does not have the money to drive the commencement of this academic year. As was revealed by the Office of Higher Education recently, the Higher education needs K45 million to kick-start the schooling year and there appears to be no indication on the availability of those funds. Given the shortage of cash and the competing interests, the last thing O’Neill would want is for the students to take it to the streets in protests. UNEXPECTED INCREASE IN GPA The increase in GPA benchmark for scholarships was never communicated to the students last year so as to incentivize the students to worker harder to pass it. The students had a legitimate expe


CYRIL GARE A picture tells a lot of story. Likewise I present pictures here to tell about the state of students’ and lecturers’ housing facilities on campus at the University of Papua New Guinea. From the outset let me attest unreservedly that there is no malice or prejudice behind this publication except that the truth must be told.  It’s been over 20 years since I left UPNG and correctly student dormitories including all the Toa blocks (1-6), Talaigu, Poroman, Kapandu, and Niomoru as well as all the girls’ dormitories – Luavi house, Lasitawe and Dame Mary Kekedo building - have succumbed to depreciation and years of general wear and tear. At Toa 5 & 6, stocks of rubbish lie uncollected for weeks if not months, betelnut spittle everywhere. A room has stocks of empty soft drink cans piled up outside, a perfect attraction for Papuan black snakes.  At Fort banner where lecturers live, streets are filthy with rubbish and over grown trees and grass, used shopping plast


by ALEX DON RENALI Since the current management was appointed, UPNG has completely fallen off the academic radar and ladder. UPNG since has been suffering from nepotism, unethical behaviour, vindictive management practices and lack of academic thrust and direction. 1. Decision Making Process Any management guru will tell you that the quality of the decisions in an enterprise, organisation or an institution reflects on the value such decision adds to the organisation. When the decision making process is poor, then the value such a decision adds to the organisation is poor. After two years, it is now very evident that the decision to appoint Mellam as the VC was a poor decision. The University of PNG is suffering under his VC-ship in all fronts, reflecting a poor decision and reflecting the quality of the decision makers. 2. Management of the University Under the current managers of the University, the management practices now being experienced have been non-conforming and out of