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by TED TEMO James Marape is the biggest liar, betrayer and hypocrite of all time.
He is the definition of a wolf in sheep's skin.
He was PNC, part of PNC and served as the longest serving Finance Minister for seven (7) consecutive years in the PNC Party government.
He resigned from PNC Party and lied to this country and her people that he didn’t want to be part of a corrupt O’Neill government. However, to date he has not produced one single evidence and or laid one single complaint with Ombudsman Commission or Police National Fraud and Anti Corruption Directorate on his claims.  
He was never genuine from the start. He said he only wanted to remove O’Neill and never wanted to be PM. However, in Laguna camp, he forced himself by putting his name down on VONC Motion Paper has the candidate for PM hoping that he will attract the numbers. Needless to say, he never attracted numbers and so fall short of the required majority (magic number) which is 56 MPs. 
In failing his bid, he then went t…

William Duma- Reminding you of your Roots!

by FRANK MENEM JR Our forefathers were the first celebrated people on earth to have toiled the land and farm the upper Wahgi Valley. We have survived without any resources apart from our land from which we cultivate and propagate our fresh vegetables and green coffee beans.
Those legendary men and women were among the prominent Highlanders to embrace the ‘white men’ during the wave of civilization. They were classified as the first known primitives who were hospitable and capable of forging lasting relationships with the Europeans. Our people were classified as permanently rich in culture and abundantly wealthy by the first Europeans.
A Catholic Missionary had this to write about our people;
“The Hagen people of the Wagi raised pigs in abundance and at times, they would even slaughter up to a thousand in a day for their neighbors or allies to celebrate or mark their relationship”.
During the migration epochs after the onset of the Leahy brothers, we had more than a few coffee plantati…

Duma scheming again to buy 53% share own by MVIL in Pac Re Limited and Koki Property


Minister Duma is scheming again to buy more assets own by MVIL after the much publicised Manumanu land purchase issue has been subsided. Pac Re Limited is a Re- Insurance company based in Port Moresby. Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited is a major shareholder owning 53 percent of the shares. The balance of the shares is shared between Tower Insurance and QBE Insurance.

MVIL also owns the land and the houses at Koki in Port Moresby next to the Koki Primary School. The value of the property is estimated to be around K14 million. The Minister is now working around the clock to buy MVIL shares in Pac Re Limited and the Koki properties deceptively through the normal company asset disposal plan. However, it is not easy to get the asset disposal factored into the MVIL annual plan at the management level and obtain final approval at the Board level with the current Chairman ofMVIL Dr. Ken Ngangan and the Management.

The Minister has to remove the head of the Management and t…

Manumanu Land Deal: Aftermath


Manumanu Land Deal: Aftermath The Manumanu Land deal issue has subsided through time and all stakeholders affected have seemed to move on, the dust has settled. Let me refresh your memories on the issues again. The purported Manumanu Land Deal (MLD) for the relocation of the PNG Defense Force is alleged to involve five different transactions totalling an amount of K46 million. However, the dealings did not comply with established processes.

The MLD issue was raised in Parliament by Member for Kairuku –Hiri, Peter Isoaimo that eventually led to the sidelining of 2 Senior Ministers and suspension of 6 Departmental heads, CEO of State Owned Enterprise and chairman of CSTB. In a media statement on the 6th of February 2017 PM, O’Neil had announced a Commission of Inquiry (COI) headed by a retired Judge to investigate the claims made, referred the matter to the National Fraud Squad and the Ombudsman Commission also for potential breaches of the Leadership Code.

He further pro…



1.Marked Boxes in Kandrian Gloucester in West New Britain were set aside and not counted for Sunday polling WHEREAS all boxes containing votes cast on Sunday for Ialibu Pangia Electorate in Southern Highlands were counted and the winner declared.

2.NCD Election Manager was caught red-handed with more than K180,000 cash and marked ballot papers with a purported agreement between a candidate. Secretary for Finance who administered funding for elections stated that all payments of allowances for electoral officials were directly remitted to their bank accounts WHEREAS Gamato claimed the substantial cash was for allowances for election officials (in a metropolitan area where most have their personal bank accounts???).

3.Joseph Tonde’s declaration for the Port Moresby North East Electorate was rejected because the Returning Officer was not the one on duty WHEREAS Nick Kuman’s declaration by a dead Returning Officer for Gumine Open was accepted.

4.William Duma’s election Hagen …


By observation, the counting for Kandep Open Electorate In Enga Province is set against the Sitting MP  Don Polye to fail miserably at all cost and by all means.

Counting resumed on the 13th July in Wabag Primary School Officiated by the Kandep RO Mr. Besave. It is widely speculated and believed that boxes discharged for counting are handpicked from various wards containing the base votes for an Intending Candidate and PNC Party nominee Mr. Alfred Luke Manase, leaving the remaining ballot boxes for Hon. MP and Opposition Leader Mr. Don Pomb Polye yet to be counted.

With the remaining boxes at risks of being tempered or destroyed, the chance is whoever is leading to be declared outright and writs to be returned before 24th July which is the deadline date set for writs to be returned.

Whoever that is giving directions or being behind the curtain to master the event knows very well that by doing so will place the PNC CANDIDATE in the lead before other plans for disruption an…


Minister for State Enterprises, William Duma, was suspended from government in February this year, after it was alleged he had a beneficial interest in a lucrative land deal made with Kumul Consolidated Holdings.[1]
Peter O’Neill ordered an administrative inquiry into the affair, led by John Griffin QC.[2]
In a PNGi exclusive, we reveal the testimony of a senior Paga Hill Development Company (PHDC) executive, who claims the suspended Minister will potentially make a significant financial windfall from the proposed K3 billion luxury development at Paga Hill – which is said to include a 6-star hotel and potentially a casino.
The high level executive claims a confidential cooperation agreement was entered into with William Duma during June 2015, by PHDC. It will see land acquired by Duma at Paga Hill, form part of this major property development – known as the Paga Hill Estate – slated to host APEC 2018.[3]
PNGi will chart how William Duma came to obtain land at Paga Hill, and …