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The Post Courier – The Voice of China

by A POST COURIER REPORTER The Chinese Embassy are exploiting and corrupting our media institutions. I have evidence. Money has spoken and there is now no independence and integrity in PNG media. My complaints have been ignored for too long. I can no longer hide these dirty secrets from our people and jeopardise my family future and our country’s future.  The rumours are true. Editors, managers and journalists at the Post Courier and The National are accepting payments from the Chinese Embassy in return for favourable stories and control of publishing. The exploitation and bribes allow China to advance their own egotistical agenda at the expense of PNG’s sovereignty and its people. I have witnessed many journalists at the Post Courier and The National accept large sums of Kina, new phones, laptops, and luxury trips to China, all off the books and in secret. The Chinese are willing to go to any length to corrupt us and buy our loyalty, more and more with success. This corruption goes mu


INTELLIGENCE REPORT: DETECTION OF FOUL PLAY IN THE POM NW BY-ELECTION AT MURRAY BARRACKS COUNTING VENUE FACTS 1. On Friday 04 June 21 all ballot boxes for Ward 7 were stored at Murray Barracks Ben Moide Club before counting began on Tuesday 08 June 21. At approximate timings of 2000 - 2100 hours an unmarked vehicle 10 seater white in color drove into BMC. The driver of the vehicle approached one of the Military Police Guards and asked for the key of the container the boxes were stored in. There were 3x MPs guarding the ballot boxes locked inside the container at that particular time.  The MP’s responded that they don’t have the key. One of the MPs reported that after asking for the key he jumped back onto his vehicle and drove off. It was plain darkness as all lights were off due to the blackout from PNG Power and the guards could not recognize the person fully as well as the vehicle registration. 2. On Saturday 05 June at between 0200 hours – 0500 hours an unmarked vehicl


by BRYAN KRAMER I was informed when the same question was put to Prime Minister Peter O'Neill he responded more than 50. On 21st April 2017 I published part 2 of an article "Will Peter O'Neill return as PM" Where I explained that PNC were likely to return upto 15 to 20 of the 53 sitting Members of Parliament following the elections. "This will be largely due to those members winning on their own popularity and having actually delivered some form of services to their electorates. Add to this the fact they will also be heavily financed by their party (PNC)" "There will also be some PNC members who may retain their seat relying on wide scale bribery and vote rigging." You may click on the link below to read full the article. So far two PNC candidates have been returned are the Members for Moresby South Open Justin Tkatchenko and Tari-Pori Open James Marape. Now I expecte

Post Courier peddling influence for sitting MPs in early campaign column aimed at affecting 2017 Elections

The Post Courier newspaper is creating an avenue for early campaign though its newly established column, Scan Your MP. I believe this column published every Tuesdays and Thursdays is a paid newspaper supplement run as an advert. However, in my view Scan Your MP is indirectly in breach of the Organic Law on National & Local Level Government Elections. This organic law prohibits candidates and their agents including the mainstream media from taking part in early campaign until the Governor General officially issues the writs. Then the campaign period starts thereafter.  However, Post Courier is creating a forum for sitting MPs, most of whom have money, to coerce the mindsets of the voters and impose undue influence on them as early as possible. What if an MP featured on this column has not delivered in practical terms some of those so-called services he professes on the media to have delivered using the DSIP funds? I am raising this warning as my MP who was featured