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Crowdfunding is the con man's oldest trick

by DAVID LEPI You know how the word 'Kon Man' or more proper 'con man' came into be? It's base word is confidence man. A confidence man is a man who persuades people to give him their money or property by lying to them. Some call them con artists because it is an art and is used by a person (s) with a certain skill set. Well Papua New Guinean is not new to 'konman' for we have been swindled a million times. And the reason why we fall prey so easily is because we are a gullible stock of people. Anything seemingly glittering somehow draws our attention. Just as many Papua New Guineans are starting to realize they have been tricked by professional con artists in some get rich quick scams such as pyramid schemes - U Vistract, Money Rain, Papalain etc -  a dubious project is now peddled through in what they call crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a way to raise money from a large number of people. Large groups of people pool together small individual investments to pr


by JACK KEGALP Samson seems to be playing both sides of politics to further his own personal and political ambitions.  On the one hand, he is pushing the Marape/Basil Government to support his "crowdfunding" movement where he has been literally "begging" and even to some extent "forcing" various individuals and businesses houses to make pledges and contribute money upwards of K10,000 each towards this cause. On the other hand, he has been seen dining and getting drunk with former Prime Minister Peter O'Neill at various locations in Port Moresby. The most recent one was over the weekend at O'Neill's Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Port Moresby. Samson himself has his own political ambitions for the Western Highlands Regional Seat which he contested and lost to Paias Wingti in the 2017 elections, and which he is no doubt contesting again in 2022. This then begs the question of whether he is genuinely trying to do something good for Papua New Guine


by KEVIN TEMO PETER O'NEILL SEEMS TO EXCEL IN CONVINCING PEOPLE HE IS WHATEVER THEY WANT HIM TO BE: This is a standard tool of successful politicians. They start out as followers of the people's will, which is exactly what elected representatives should be in true democracies. The question we must always ask, of course, is whether when the politician says what they think we want to hear, if they will put all their energies into achieving the objectives that we the people lay out for them. Or are they actually trying to serve their private interests using their public position when they're out of site of the people? Are they lying or manipulating the people who elected them by what they say, using their words to achieve nothing more than to secure the people's support, in the shortterm at least, with no care at all to actually serving the people's needs, but with total concern to hanging on to power? Whether or not Peter O'Neill is a genuine, God fearing


by STEVEN ANDRE Many have described our Prime Minister, right honourable Peter O’Neill as “O’Liar”, “Pathological liar”, “serial Liar”, etc and I refused to be one. But it has come to a time when I have to sit down and analyze whether those words hold true. The following is what I managed to dig up from the internet. On 9 th August 2013 at 5:36pm , Peter O’Neill has the following conversation with Jonny Blades of Radio New Zealand: “JOHNNY BLADES: Some of the people in your own cabinet might be looked at. You're happy with that? Anyone can be investigated? PETER O'NEILL: I've told cabinet from day one and members of parliament from day one, no-one is above the law, including the prime minister. No-one is above the law. Where they're answerable for their actions they must be held accountable. And they all know the rules that are there. We all know the laws that are there, and I think it's important that the right message is given to our leaders and our