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Reason behind O'Neill's wet pants moment running to Supreme Court to stop VONC

by HELASON OPENE You know why Mr Panic O'Neill ran over to Supreme Court to stop VONC? Here is the real reason... Supreme Court interpretation of Sections 19 of the Organic Law on Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates was made by the former Chief Sir Salamo Injia in 2011 and 2016. It was ruled, some parts of this section of the constitution unconstitutional (removed). No longer applicable; 1) Part of the law (Section 19) that states, all PM candidates must be leaders of their political parties and must have the highest number of its candidates winning in elections. Only parties with the highest number will be allowed by the Governor General to form a government. #RULLING: Supreme Court ruling made this part of the law unconstitutional (removed). That means any MP can be a PM candidate regardless as long as he/she can master the number on the floor of Parliament. 2) Part of the law (Section 19) that states, MPs who have voted for a PM in the formation of the new g


by ALAN BIRD When a puppet like Mr. Gamato criticizes the deliberations of a legitimate government like the ESPG; it would normally be quite hilarious given his own infamous achievements. However, his baseless comments in the National Newspaper cannot go unchallenged. Thankfully ESP Assembly is not answerable to someone of Mr. Gamato’s caliber. Sharing the accolades for a burnt Air Niugini plane in Mendi as one's greatest achievements is certainly not an enviable record. Many of us remained silent while Southern Highlands leaders and people were grappling to contain the spill-over results of Gamato’s failed election. The content of my post, if he cared to read it is as follows, point 4: “The Assembly also resolved to seek clarity on the LLG elections. LLG elections are critical to the operation of the Provincial Government, if LLG elections are conducted contrary to law, we run the risk of failed elections which would seriously hamper the operation of the provincial gove


by GEORGE KERA SMITH It is no surprise James Marape has retain his seat in the Tari Pori electorate. However, given the circumstance surrounding rumors that the elections in Hela has been rigged, there is now evidence surfacing that speaks volumes. Remember, numbers don't lie. Recent interview by James Marape announced on EMTV tonight, he himself claimed that he was declared on 50% majority, to be exact 30,192, which means that the total eligible voters for Tari Pori in this 2017 election was about 60,000 plus. However, looking back on past elections, it appears the numbers don't add up. In 2007, total eligible voters for Tari Pori was 37,473. He scored 6,147 1st pref votes to win (roughly 12% of the voters). In 2012, total voters were 40,039 of which he scored 13,661 of 1st preference votes (34% of the total votes). He went on to win with 18,258 after completion of elimination. From current results, it appears that the total voter population increased by 20,000


Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta today announced that he had nominated as a candidate for the seat of Moresby North-West. “I nominated this morning as an independent candidate,” he said. “My decision is based on widespread public support for me to use my experience and knowledge to help put Papua New Guinea back on track and help form a new Government that will act decisively to implement plans to rescue and rebuild the country. “It appears to me and other like-minded people that there is a strong desire for change in Papua New Guinea and I want to be part of that change. I want my vote in Parliament to be counted. I want to be part of the rescue team to reconstruct and lay the foundation for future growth and development.” Sir Mekere said if elected he and other independent candidates and small parties will join forces to ensure that the best Government with the best leadership is formed after the election. The characteristics of a new government should include:


by SAM KOIM As I have introduced, in this article, we will be exploring the legal qualifications on the right to stand for public office. Bear in mind that subject to these limited qualifications, the right to stand for public office is a constitutional right. Deduced from the Constitution, there are number of limitations/qualifications on the right to stand for public office. In order to stand for public office, the candidate must: 1. Be a PNG citizen (including naturalized citizen): ss. 50 and 103(3)(a). 2. Be aged 25 years or above: s 103 (1) 3. Have his/her name on the common roll: s 103(3)(a) 4. have been born in the electorate for which he intends to nominate or have resided in the electorate for a continuous period of two years immediately preceding his nomination or for a period of five years at any time: s 103(2) 5. pay a nomination fee of K1,000.00: s 103(2) 6. Of Full Capacity (not of unsound mind): s 103(3)(b) 7. Not under sentence of death or imprisonment for more t