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NIUGINI OUTLOOK THE WORST THING TO DO AFTER YOU’VE MADE A MISTAKE IS TO LIE AND TRY TO COVER IT UP: ENTER POST COURIER “JOURNALIST” DIANNE WAKETSI! “Journalist” Dianne Waketsi has had a few jobs since she graduated from Divine World University with a degree in journalism. On the surface it looks like she is an experienced reporter, but it is becoming quickly apparent that she’s not on a career upswing, but stuck in a rut at the Post Courier. The most likely reason is her poor journalism skills which have now backfired royally into her face as she has shamed Papua New Guinea generally, and Western Highlanders specifically, as being addicted to using the internet to seek out porn. The facts do not support this at all. In some instances it is clear that Dianne Waketsi outright lied in her story. In other cases, she couldn’t be bothered to understand the statistics she was reporting on, and got it all wrong. But she admits none of this and is trying to spin the controversy over her art


by STEVEN ANDRE - PNGBLOGS Susan Merrell continues to amaze me at the way she ferociously attacks and defends herself on social media but not anymore. The name Susan Merrell is synonyms with keyboard warrior and she is very good at it. She claims and fiercely defends that she has a doctorate degree and two masters degrees. One would imagine that the degrees under her belt are sufficient to be an expert in her area of speciality. She poses so subtly as an independent commentator on PNG issues and with her proficiency and eloquence in English, bamboozles all other audiences and commentators alike to either follow her or left confused. Her recent wave of attacks mounted against respected citizens in the likes of Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika and Sam Koim of Papua New Guinea was a source of concern for me to know a little bit more about the person “Susan Merrell” and her motivations. An objective and critical observer who follows her trend of publications and commentar