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RD Tuna: Another Sad Example of Foreign Investor Contempt for the People of PNG


The owner of RD Tuna company pretends to be a Christian as does the general manager. However the true feeling they have for the factory workers and for PNG in general is contempt. Look up that word if you don't understand the meeting of CONTEMPT.

This is why RD Tuna parent company regularly dumps rubbish tuna onto the shores of PNG. The tuna from certain Dolores and Dolly types of tuna is fit for animal consumption only. However RD makes more money not by selling it as animal food in Australia. Instead they ship it to PNG from Philippines to sell as people food.

Having known 2 people who have worked at RD tuna a few years back and heard stories about the way they treat their workers, I stopped thinking favourably of them and don't buy their products. I originally supported them because of the jobs I thought they would bring. I thought no further than jobs and that was my failure.
In general you must understand that this company only does public rela…