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by BRYAN KRAMER I have observed countless comments on social media over the past twelve months by individuals accusing Digicel of stealing from them. However they couldn't really explain why or how it was being done. I also noted a number of instances where credits on my own phone seemed to vanish into thin air. So I decided to take time out from my rather busy schedule exposing and deposing corruption of public funds to look into whether there was any truth in the allegations that Digicel has been stealing from it's customers. What I uncovered was quite concerning, rather serious allegations that Digicel has committed deceptive and unfair practice of defrauding it's pre-paid customers who subscribe to their Mobile Data Plan Service. Digicel PNG provides Mobile Data Service to its pre-paid customers. It offers a number of subscription data plans, Data Plan...Data Size.....FEE.....Validity..Keyword...Code....MB Rate Auto Pass.....10MB.......99t........24 Hours..