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O'Neill demonstrates traits of sociopathic/narcissistic and is a pathological liar - Bryan Kramer


Last week Friday was International Women's Day to coincide with the occasion Prime Minister Peter O'Neill announced he would bring to Parliament a proposal to introduce four regional reserved seats for women.

It was “only fair” that there is more debate about women’s role “at the leadership level”. There are currently 111 Members of Parliament in Papua New Guinea, representing 8.3 million people and not a single woman MP" O'Neill is reported saying.

O’Neill said it was a “sad fact” that women’s interests were neglected.

So is O'Neill genuinely concerned about women's interests?

Short answer is No.

He is perhaps the most hated person in PNG, so it obvious his announcement was nothing but a publicity stunt in a desperate effort to gain public support.

O'Neill has a record for saying anything with absolutely no intention of honoring it.

Soon after illegally occupying the Prime Minister seat in 2011 he announced his Government had set up Tas…

Sorcery Related Violence: Ending Violence against Women

Introduction Why is Sorcery/witchcraft a problem for people in Papua New Guinea? Sorcery and witchcraftbeliefs have affected our life and the way we think and perceive things in relation to other people in our society. As such, sorcery/witchcraft is something that is very real for us Papa New Guineans. It is experienced every day and its activity becomes normal to all in our society. Accepting the reality of sorcery/witchcraft as normal in everyday life makes us affirm it as an institutionalized reality. It becomes part and parcel of the community. The witchcraft beliefs and practices are deeply rooted in the social structure of the society. Thus, it becomes a way of life that is affirmed by our beliefs and actions of our people.
Why violence against women In PNG women are the targeted victims of sorcery related violence. There are many reasons why women in PNG are always victims of sorcery related violence. Women are seen as second to men in PNG society. Culturally wome…