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by GEORGE KERA SMITH It is no surprise James Marape has retain his seat in the Tari Pori electorate. However, given the circumstance surrounding rumors that the elections in Hela has been rigged, there is now evidence surfacing that speaks volumes. Remember, numbers don't lie. Recent interview by James Marape announced on EMTV tonight, he himself claimed that he was declared on 50% majority, to be exact 30,192, which means that the total eligible voters for Tari Pori in this 2017 election was about 60,000 plus. However, looking back on past elections, it appears the numbers don't add up. In 2007, total eligible voters for Tari Pori was 37,473. He scored 6,147 1st pref votes to win (roughly 12% of the voters). In 2012, total voters were 40,039 of which he scored 13,661 of 1st preference votes (34% of the total votes). He went on to win with 18,258 after completion of elimination. From current results, it appears that the total voter population increased by 20,000