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Ling-Stuckey and Flanagan make Marape look jumpy and weak

by : Andrew Arthur Prime Minister James Marape had one of his worst performances in the last parliament session jumping from one place to the other over the Dominate Player Levy. One moment he pushed hard in NEC for the new tax on the advice of Ian Ling-Stuckey and Paul Flanagan and as is the case, he flips his decision when met with some resistance in Parliament. Everyone knows Marape has a real problem with being decisive- but his performance on the 2022 Budget has now left PNG with a k190 million hole by shelving the ‘Dominate Player Levy’ that his Treasury Ian Ling-Stuckey and highly paid failed Australian advisor Paul Flanagan had craftily written into the budget for additional taxes on banking and telecommunication. The budget preparation is a culmination of 12 months of planning and works for Politicians, Public Servants, and advisors that ended in a major failure and refusal by legislators in Parliament. An embarrassment to those who had worked hard to put together the 2022 Mon

Combining Corrupt Rulers, False Prophets, Ungodly Priests and Judges Bought with Bribes

by YAKAN LEPAKAILI Combining Corrupt Rulers, False Prophets, Ungodly Priests and Judges Bought with Bribes – Foolishness Prevails and People Perish: We are world apart in terms of time line but similarities make PNG no unique on contrast. I make this comparison in the light of unprecedented level of corruption and proliferation of gross misuse and abuse unhindered by politicians and bureaucrats at massive scale contrasting with successive governments. Corrupt rulers (both politicians & bureaucrats), false prophets, ungodly priests and paying bribes to Judges were norm during the reign of King Jotham (739 - 731 B.C) in the ancient past can’t be ignored as historical facts for school of thought. Corruption riddled infamous O’Neil regime is well and truly aided by members of the judiciary adding new dimension in the fight against corruption and in so doing, institutionalising corruption and weakening the agency’s (Fraud Squad) efforts to fight corruption whilst minority few (OC,