COVID-19 Massive Deception

By: Dr. Samuel Maima
Up this very end I am still not convinced with the way we handle the testing of C19. Why? Because URTIs are not only caused by C19 alone.
How can we make sure PCR positive is true positive or false negative?
We can only do specific C19 antibody tests. Not only that. We have to do specific antibody tests for all other RNA viruses that cause URTIs and exclude other RNA viruses that cause URTI symptoms similar to C19.
This is not done here so how can we trust PCR?
PCR has 70% specificity and it can’t be concluded as a GOLD STANDARD when it is not.
PCR has huge windows of both false negatives and false positives because PCR can not delineate the RNA viral nucleic particles when the RNA polymerase enzyme is added.
This is a technical issue.
For example, the positive PCR to C19 for the Asaro lady was not C19. It was HIV with opportunistic URTI infection all got screwed up by giving false impression onto the data of C19 included in the 9 C19 positives during the lockdown. She wa…


The White 5 door MAH 121 and Blue 5 door LBV 624 are both on full-time Hire by NAC since Sept 2019 to current from 2 Mini Hire Cars owed by Dickson Lama.
The white one is used by Acting Managing Director Ephraim Wasam and Blue one is used by GM Finance Mr Maris Taolam. They are cousin brothers.
Both of these two vehicles are hired at a rate of K1000 per day. For a month, Mr Lama receives K31,000 x 2 = K62,000, and for 11 months (Sept 2019 - July 2020) is equivalent to K682,000.
There are also other vehicles on Hire by NAC from 2 Mini Hire Cars at lesser rates.
Recently, both of these two vehicles were personalized by Ephraim and Maris whilst they are still on full-time Hire by NAC.
Issue 1. Is K1000 per day Hire rate for ordinary 5 door vehicle is justified?
Issue 2. Is personalization of Hire vehicles allowed by the company owner?
Issue 3. Is the hiring of vehicles at an exorbitant cost to NAC is its core business?
Issue 4. Is it allowed when the Acting Managing Director is rece…

How Peter O’Neill Mismanaged PNG's Economy.


PNGeans, we seem to FORGET things very easily and blow with the wind of PROPAGANDA to believe falsified make-believe social media posts, controlled mainstream media headlines (controlled by conglomerate Foreign companies & Former regime), and gossips on the streets.
Those of you praising your Master on Media and Facebook forums must read this carefully and this are few but I will post in details from time to time .

Peter O’Neill|KING wiru Mari | Leadership

1. The K37 billion loan (dinau) incurred by former Prime Minister Peter O'Neill that you and me and our children will have to 'repay' in the years to come.

2. The inflated contracts in billions of Kina by Peter O'Neill that was swept under the carpet in the name of "Infrastructure". The 10% cuts and excessive overpriced costs for all infrastructures are something that PNGeans must know.

For example, the back road from 9mile to Gerehu/Baruni costed almost to a billion Kina when it shou…



▪️Powes Pakop used former Prime Minister Peter O'Neill in 2015/16 (prior to the 2017 NGE) for the ground breaking ceremony of 8 Mile Settlement to Suburb Upgrade. To-date nothing has materialised at 8 mile! Ask the settlers at 8 mile! Absolutely nothing has taken place on the ground since that ground breaking ceremony at 8 mile!

▪️Instead of converting 8 Mile Settlement into a suburb as promised prior to the 2017 elections, Pakop as the Chairman of the NCDC Planning Board APPROVED development plans from Malaysians and Chinese business owners who have now moved into the front of Block 1 / Zone 1 of 8 Mile Settlement, and as a consequence Settlers were forcefully evicted to make way for these Asian business syndicates. What hypocracy is this for the former Human Rights Lawyer to allow this to happen to the Settlers? Don't they have basic human rights? Pakop tricked and fooled the 8 Mile Settlers for their votes in the 2017 national general elections! He uses people ver…


NAQIA Acting Managing Director Joel Alu Bribed Police officers with K27,500 to escape prosecution.

A formal complaint has been registered with the Commissioner of Police David Manning last week after incriminating evidence of bribery of police officers by NAQIA Acting Managing Director Mr Joel Alu has surface in 2019. The complaint is against two named officers of the police prosecution team who were based at Boroko Police Station in 2016.

The two named officers (a male and a female) allegedly received a total sum of about K27,000 into their bank accounts though a conduit K2 shelf-company known as Dawai Plumbing and Fabrication Ltd.

This payment was made to the police officers to destroy police investigation files against Mr Joel Soga Alu who was arrested twice on 27th November 2015 and January 2016 for official corruption and assault respectively by the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Squad.

The first arrest followed from a November 2014 complaint against Mr Alu lodged at…


I wanted to write the piece below for a long time but could, however, I have found this opening to do so now: -A friend who we have been fighting corruption these past years decided to unfriend me because I made a comment on a Post about Jerry Augus being paid millions to his hire car company. After reading my comment he asked me to delete the comment stating that he had evidence to post and share this post, but I refuse and said that let it be as my comment was NOT against what he posted but, a suggestion for posting evidence as well so we can appreciate the allegations are true. This prompted my account being unfriended. I don’t care about being unfriended on Facebook but TRUTH STICKS OUT.The allegations maybe somewhat true to the fact that the CEO of Tourism Promotion Authority using his position is authority and at the same time he being a person from the same District from who the Prime Minister is from, he might have benefited from funds earmarked for the Earth Qu…


by Kafu Peg
For an Highlander who cannot aggressively drive changes in this country is nothing more than a fake or weak person. Perhaps it's the cultural thing to be lenient on wantoks, tribesmen or cronies. Compared to Peter O'Neill (although O'Neill is worst corrupt) PMJM cannot shake the system hard enough to ensure PNGs expectations of changes are effected within the entire government systems. "TAKE BACK PNG" is just a sweet sugar flowery words from a deceptive orator who has weak drive. Adolf Hitler was a deceptive orator but he had a heart of steel to achieve Dictatorship in Germany so if PMJM wants to take back PNG then the heart to action must follow your flowery oration. Yes we heard you uttered these words: Take back PNGEqual opportunities for allNo Child left behindPNG food bowl of the PacificLevel playing fieldsFight CorruptionPorgera workers- hang in there for short term pain, long term gain So what effective changes Happened? Nothing really, except for m…


O'Neill was referred to as a controversial Prime Minister when he was returned in 2017. There are laudatory comments on his tenure of office, but overall it has been mired in criticism because of governance issues. These issues predate his appointment as Prime Minister. His supporters point to his success in business before entering politics as qualification for leadership. Opponents argue that his business success is permeated with influence in government and that his directorships in government enterprises prior to his success in politics are significant. The commission of inquiry in the National Provident Fund of 2003 recommended to prosecute O’Neill for extorting money in return for revaluing a contract to build a high-rise. A rise in the contract price was given because of rising costs as a consequence of currency devaluation and O’Neill was said to obtain a cut from this increase. O’Neill appeared for a committal court in 2005 but the charges were dropped due t…


bySAMSON KOMATI PNG TTG Board Members Meeting with Prime Minister today: Progressing Parternships to Help Government with Independent Advisory Work
Since its founding in September 11, 2017, PNG TTG has evolved from a group of likeminded PNG professionals developing a group-think concept to what is now a progressive contemporary native-born think tank institution in PNG in 2020.
After years of volunteer oriented hardwork, PNG TTG now has an Executive Board led by Dr Clement Waine PhD, Dr Miok Komolong PhD, Dr James Kaiulo PhD, Dr Eric Omuru PhD, Ernie Gangloff, Priscilla Kevin, and Samson Komati with Dr Eric Kwa PhD (resigned after being Appointed Dept Secretary of DJAG). The Patron is Sir Nagora Bogan KBE.
PNG TTG is currently managed by Samson Komati (myself) with three full time staff to be employed shortly this month to work at the new PNG TTG office at Marakale Hotel & Apartments Building, Room 14, Sect. 70, Lot. 10, Henao Drive, Gordons, Port Moresby, NCD, PNG. Our new post offic…