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What is happening to OS (JR) No 485 of 2014? Why is there an undue holdup?


The newly NEC appointed Police Commissioner Gari Baki says that he is awaiting “…the decision of the Supreme Court on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s case before he decides on what action to take.”. People of PNG, the question we should ask is: ‘Which Supreme Court (SC) case regarding Mr. O’Neill is Baki adverting to?’ Let me clarify what appears to be wilful misinformation by Baki to confuse the bulk (of us) and delude us into thinking that there is a SC case regarding O’Neill currently afoot.

The Reality

On 12 June 2014, the Port Moresby District Court constituted by her Worship Chief Magistrate Nerrie Eliakim, on application, issued a warrant of arrest against the incumbent PM pursuant to section 8 of the Arrest Act 1977. The National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Squad (Police) and Investigation Task Force Sweep accused that PM engaged himself in official corruption, viz., issued direction to the then Finance Secretary Steven Gibson that remarkably excessive sum of money …