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PNG Government To Investigate Lawyers’  Undercover video on Australian TV alleges bribery PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (The National, June 26, 2015) – The Government will set up a high-powered team to investigate comments by two senior lawyers on ways that suspect funds could be transferred to Australia to bribe Papua New Guinean politicians. It will consist of senior officials from the Bank of PNG, the Justice Department, the Prime Minister’s Department, the Immigration Department, the police and the National Executive Council. Announcing this yesterday, Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Isaac Lupari said a number of serious claims had been aired on television that related to statements by Greg Sheppard and Harvey Maladina to an undercover operative who filmed the conversations secretly. "The video has since gone viral on social media leading to rumours and innuendo," he said and indicated that the investigation would begin soon. He also said that all government cases be

The Issues too sensitive to touch

by KUNI BIMUNDI I posed a query “who is funding PM O’Neill’s legal fees?”. Gregory Shepherd, believed to be the lead counsel in all the PM’s court cases, responded and said the State is paying for PM’s legal fees. He further asserted that the Attorney General briefed out cases and payment originates from State Solicitor. Gregory however did not stop at his response. He took a swipe at Mr Sam Koim in the guise of responding to my question. I was at a loss trying to connect how Greg was diverting his attention to Mr Koim. Mr Koim responded to Greg’s comments. The ensuing conversations/comments were hilarious and entertaining. Here is my take on the responses and various comments. Gregory Shepherd raised issues that he is already challenging in court hence Koim described him as engaging in “street fights”. Recent media reports of the cases attest to that. Whilst we citizens are bullied by lawyers for discussing court matters, lawyers like Greg himself took Koim to task in a pub