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Whipping Boy Appointed to Head Administrative Investigation on Manumanu Land


Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s latest display of incompetence to abandon the much talked about Commission of Inquiry (CoI) and instead appoint an internal administrative inquiry into the controversial Manumanu Land deal comes with little surprise for a number of reasons.

Firstly, as the Prime Minister, you should have been briefed prior to the announcement on which effective inquisitive avenues are to be invoked to attain maximum justice, if ever he was so interested in justice. Making a grand announcement for a CoI and later abandoning it raises so much suspicion. One that comes to mind is the fact that in an open commission of Inquiry, all persons would be compelled to testify openly.

Information circulating within the corridors of power is that if they appoint a credible Commissioner for the CoI, it would unravel the different players in this deal and would inescapably incriminate Peter O’Neill himself. This to me proves to be a compelling reason for the aborting of t…