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Latest Revelations About MP Peter Waieng’s Murder And Alleged Involvement By the Prime Minister

by SOLOMON KEPAS This is the second of 2 related articles covering the unsolved murder mystery of Papua New Guinea’s former MP and Defence Minister Peter Waieng. The first article discusses the conditions through which social media, public gossip and informal Courts of Public Opinion have achieved some measure of justice when formal justice structures fail. PNG’s formal justice system has failed in the murder case of Peter Waieng and traditional media has also failed to inform the public about this case. Social media has moved to take up the slack. Introducing Late MP Peter Waieng Peter Waieng, of Gam Kane heritage and Simbu’s Nar Ku people, was one of the youngest (28) ever elected MPs. Having already earned a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the University of Wollongong, he went into politics in 1997, being elected to serve as Kundiawa-Gembogl MP and Minister of Defence. Mr Waieng only served one term. After his 2002 loss, he shifted his attention for th

Role Of PNG Social Media Gossip and Rumour Mills In Revealing Hidden Truths. Alleged Involvement of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill In the Murder of Former Defence Minister Peter Waieng

by SOLOMON KEPAS The mystery of who murdered former MP Peter Waieng illustrates how badly the formal justice system of both courts and police has failed the people of Papua New Guinea.   An informal replacing system of seeing justice done has started to appear as a result, just like it has in so many places overseas.   Indications are that Peter Waieng’s murder investigation was quietly abandoned in the hopes that the people of PNG would forget.  This strategy probably would have succeeded if not for the rise of the PNG social media and internet access by hundreds of thousands of Papua New Guineans.  Just as social media outside of PNG has created Courts of Public Opinion that ultimately have convicted and punished well known personalities from their countries, PNG’s social media is producing sites and activities for citizen involvement.  The Peter O’Neill government complains about defamatory, slanderous speech and unfounded rumours.  Looking at the overall picture, it only has


by NIUGINI OUTLOOK Last week's story didn't occur because someone dug up the old news and republished it to embarrass Peter O'Neill. No, this happened for other reasons. Peter Waieng's bodyguard, who was a suspect all along in the murder case, resurfaced and surrendered to Kundiawa police. Apparently he has confessed, as would be expected whenever a suspect would surrender, and it is no surprise if the rumours turn out to be true that Peter O'Neill had authorised and paid for the murder. Niugini Outlook and PNG Blogs decided last October to resurrect the Waieng story because it suspiciously looked like the police or people higher than the police were trying to cover up the investigation and let it die a natural death. We were determined to make sure this did not happen, hence the publication of the PNG Blogs article and Niugini Outlook Poster. As always, we got a lot of angry comments, mostly by people who seemed to have a vested interest i


by JAMES SEMA - NIUGINI OUTLOOK   Please spread this story as much as you can throughout the social media in the hopes that some witnesses or people who have relevant details will come forward, share what they know, and let us either put this rumor to rest or develop it into a full allegation. Few of you reading this will know how good investigative journalists go about their work. It may surprise you to know that the very best ones who crack the biggest stories use many anonymous sources of information. You may think that such information carries no power, but in fact it does when you combine all the stories of the witnesses and look for common themes in what they're saying. Prophets of defeat will say that none of this is evidence. Ah but you're wrong. Witnesses without hard evidence are in fact powerful evidence. Scattered facts and details here and there can be puzzle parts put together to make up a story. That is what we're doing to further investigate a