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I congratulate the honorable member for his recent extravagant wedding. Hot on the topic in various waterholes in the city and elsewhere is the Members recent wedding where one enters Parliament Impecuniously single and marries a pretty girl in the sums of Hundreds of Thousands of kina in the absence of decent enamour. Street kid in the aspersion of a pastor, Isaac Joseph Towang got elected to be served and not to serve. Member, even necessary, you are distressed, well done member.

Let me remind the leader that he was too quick to forget the very fact that his biological polygamist father left him with his mother and other siblings in cold in his infancy. Blood is ticker than water, son like father, he could very well fit into his notorious fathers shoes so should not count his chicks before they hatch.

Properties purchased in Mendi and POM, vehicles hired to the Provincial Administrator and his Administration and establishing of Civil Earth Moving and Building Construction Companies are embodied into the Members confidantes.

The response dated 14/03/2010 on the Sunday Chronicles simply lacks entrepreneurial capacity to calculate and take on criticisms as a mandated leader which is reflected in his tone of very poor grammar targeting individuals unconsciously due to his delirium state of mindset. This no doubt reflects the rate and level of education and his up brining.

The high profile achievements he preaches to date have 100% lacking intelligentsia and intelligence quotient eroding the populace benefits and are all waterloos in practice and real time. I have vividly seen most of the projects referred to and I am dismayed to say the least that all the profile projects are jobs for the boys and not necessarily service for the people. Talk about a 5 year Electoral Development Plan, Tente UDP etc. We are yet to see the Members 5 year Electorate Development Plan as the foundation to measure his mauswara.

The Map to Was Road, Tenet Police Barracks, District Treasury Establishment, Mongol High school, Mendi Tambul Road to name few by far do not meet the Technical and Engineering specks thus taxpayers money is a drop in the ocean. The Map to Was road project, the construction and fencing of the Tente new Police Barracks and more other projects were dubious and mischievously contracted to the boys. The police barrack project contracted to the boys was subcontracted to a builder who again sub- subcontracted to another building company.

Occupying the office of the Deputy and Acting Governors positions is not by design or choice of the MP but is a mere opportunity. The Acting Governors position for an extended period is a matter in point for the OC

Occupying the offices are just window dressing for the benefit of few who master the game the member pretends to play without educating himself with the rules, process and procedures of the game simply because the playing field is much bigger than Isaac Josephs imaginations. The attainment is making the MPs credibility, efficiency and effectiveness inadequate in the showroom. The MPs brain may be bigger than some of us as stated but distinctively, the people of Mendi are definitely bigger than his whole being.

The MPs malicious attack on educated individuals is out of merit and highly frivolous. The member seems to cohesively miscalculated individuals and opted to perpetrate his devious and diminishing attitude to devise in the media. His very best reliance is his best betrayer, its time he revisit his destined and recent past confidantes.

There are dexterous professional elites from Mendi who are diligent and devoted including those the MP is perplexed with and perpetrated. We have being highly educated at reputable institutions, worked and served various institutions and cooperate bodies of international standing and achieved distinctive results benefited by many both in PNG and abroad which we pride ourselves. The MP should fully utilize these highly educated and experience elites of Mendi to develop and improve the quality of lives of the Mendi people rather than inviting us to his very cheap political Pulpit which we are not too keen to venture into otherwise. When he attacks high profile elite gurus, Isaac Josephs Pastoral Permit would not equate or comprehend our rate of achievements.

The MP lacks the entrepreneurial capacity to calculate and take on criticisms as a leader when he chooses to labor malicious attach on individuals demonstrating his delirium state of mind. Do not open the can of worm and invite gesture as you definitely lack capacity and intelligence to contain.

Bring on the full page advertisement referred to in his letter and well see if it is worth the paper it is printed on or just another paper mass. Member, Walk the Talk.