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There is valid evidence to show that MRDC is stink with high level white colar corruption. Hon. William Duma approved a K9 million project for Mendi Munihu Power generation Project under the Homa Pauwa Peoples Association Inc. as MOA commitment

Homa Pauwa is in the Moran Project area, in the Hela region and the funding is questionable. Mendi Munihu is in the Mendi Munihu Electorate of Mendi and the current MP is Pastor Isaac Joseph, who is a "BLOOD COUSIN" of MRDC managing director, Mr. Augustine Mano.

People may have asked on how Pastor Isaac become millionaire overnight, and I can assure you that he became millionaire by colluding with his cousin brother, Mr. Augustine Mano to access MOA funds. Augustine himself to is aware of this and both can be charged for, misapplication of MAO funds, collusion, and fraud amongst others.

See that attached Letter from William Duma, at the request of Mr. Mano for the Mendi -Munihu Power generation project-K9 million.

Right thinking  Southern Highlanders please read the copy of the letter  and ask questions as to why this daylight robbery is allowed to continue at the expense of the Homa Pawa people.
Mendi MP Isaac Joseph was a former preacher and the son of a club owner now walks around with millions of kina belonging to the people of Homa Pawa.

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