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Belden Namah Has Unique Leadership Qualities

By: Simon Simbiken

Belden Namah has unique leadership qualities that is lacking in PNG’s political arena. He demonstrates good attributes of no-nonsense, spot-on and straight shooting rather than beating around the bush, especially when it comes to fighting corruption. He embraces transparency and good governance. He works hard and is disciplined character with a military background. He is free from the books of corruption and he discourages systemic and systematic manipulation of due processes which has been responsible for malpractices and corruption. Namah is the answer to PNG’s political and administration problems. He will deliver PNG out of evil men who feed from Haus Tambaran and Morauta Haus. He is here to fight corruption and promote good governance, transparency and unity amongst diversity

Through unique leadership of Namah, Papua New Guineans can now distinguish between: good as against evil, transparency as against corruption, straight as against crooked, patriotic leadership as against foreign influenced puppet regimes, truth as opposed to lies, quality as against quantity, lasting solutions as opposed to temporary quick-fix solutions and the list goes on. He has a unique leadership quality that is lacking in many politicians. His leadership resembles that of late Sir Iambaki Okuk.

Namah embraces revolutionary and visionary leadership. Revolutionary means new discoveries, new ways and new ideas for advancement and progress. Visionary means visualizing and setting targets on what you want to achieve in future. His leadership will move PNG forward. But, with the leadership that has been in existence since independence PNG will trail behind in real development. If we are not careful in electing good leaders in the 2012 elections, this country will be run down by the same brand of leadership and the next 36 years will be a valuable time wasted.

What has PNG achieved with the kind of leadership we have in the past 36 years? Nothing, so to speak. In fact every step we have taken forward has taken us two steps backward. The administrative machinery, infrastructure and facilities established by the Australian colonial administration have disintegrated and disappeared due to lack of maintenance and sustenance by the leadership we have had since independence whereupon they have failed to leap off from where the Australians have left us. Hence, PNG needs vibrant and new generation of leadership. We need leadership that can aggressively promote good conduct and instill discipline both at political and bureaucratic levels. Biblical and modern histories are very clear. Years of rule by Jewish High Priests did little or nothing to advance religion until a revolutionary and visionary preacher in Jesus came to instill new leadership and new style of worship. Although Jesus was condemned and crucified for alleged blasphemy, religion and followers were redeemed from the bonds of the wicked and the corrupt. As a result of Jesus’ influence region spread rapidly across the world.

In modern history, Kings and Queens ruled with iron fists for centuries without due regard for welfare of the masses. Land, food and riches belonged to the Kingdom and the very few people who helped run the Kingdom, like the army generals and wise men (advisors). Again, as in religion, brave hearted young generation of leaders fought the Kingdoms with revolutionary and visionary ideas and finally succeeded in delivering themselves from bonds of merciless Kingdoms but at a great price. Many revolutionary leaders were hanged, burned alive and their heads chopped off or their live bodies pulled apart by horses. They are now remembered as heroes. As a result, development and civilization spread rapidly across Europe and rest of the world. I believe Papua New Guineans can learn from these lessons. We need real tangible changes for a better PNG. We must embrace leadership which is revolutionary and visionary such as one that is embraced by Namah. Below are some notable qualities of Namah:
Nationalist: Namah is a true nationalist and patriotic leader. He discourages regionalism and instead promotes all to live as one people in one country as opposed to the mentality of Highlands for Highlands or Papua for Papua or Sepik for Sepik. He has the country and the people of PNG at heart.

Discipline and Dedicated Namah is a strong leader who embraces discipline and good conduct. He believes that if all leaders are disciplined, all other qualities and attributes of good leadership will fall into line. When politicians and bureaucrats are disciplined, there will be no room for bad people. Money budgeted for infrastructure development and services would go straight to serve the purposes. There won’t be any need to look for extra money for school fees and heath care. Namah believes that discipline, commitment and hard work is the key pillars of development. These pillars will promote transparency and good governance when disciplined and respectful leaders run the affairs of the country. Namah is a dedicated worker and sets his priorities and targets right. He has constructed roads and bridges in Sandaun province. He is development oriented and is certainly an agent of change.

Anti-Corruption Namah has an attitude of zero tolerance to corruption. He despises politicians who are corrupt and those who promote and protect bureaucrats who are corrupt. One of his priority objectives is to weed out corruption in PNG which has hindered progress. When he was given a window of opportunity, he terminated CEO of certain State entity but only to be reinstated and protected by authorities higher than him. Namah has the guts and the willpower to fight corruption starting from the tea boy up to the most senior public office holders without fear or favour. He uses his own money and resources to perform State duties unlike other politicians and bureaucrats who are hell bent on what the State can do for them instead of what they can do for the State.

Role Model Namah is a role model for other resources landowners. As a landowner of forest resources he has done well. He ensures that landowners get maximum benefit from resources extracted from their customary land. He manages the proceeds from the sale of resources well. All resources landowners in PNG should hold him in high esteem and follow in his footsteps.

To conclude, those who taint his name negatively ought to be corrected because they have little knowledge of him. They are people who judge books by the cover and those that go with the wind and the tide. Namah has the guts and the skills to make and break governments regardless of numbers in a party if he sees that the government is not serving the interests of Papua New Guineans. A case in point is the formation of the last Government. In Namah you not only see quality but you also see the potent and energy and the stamina and the willpower that is lacking in many leaders in PNG politics.

As regards research done by Mel Research, it lacks in-depth research. It is not based on on-the-ground assessment hence demonstrates a desperate and sloppy workmanship. Mel has thrown into disrepute the reputation and reliability rating of his company. Namah was right in deferring election by further 3 months because he knew that PNG Electoral Commission was not ready. This is an indication that Namah places himself in a well informed and better position to make quality decisions. With Namah as Prime Minister, he will ensure that PNG is managed well with due diligence. Despite election anomalies, PNG will have another Parliament and a new Government soon, by then we can only come to know if Namah is in or out of PNG politics. Otherwise, refrain from making hasty conclusions about Namah’s chances and prospects to be an agent of change and role model of good leadership. God bless PNG.