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January 04, 2016, marks the first day of work in 2016 calendar year. All organizations, both public and private sectors, will commence their respective work as of today.
The Department of Correctional Service will also have an old executive management team, which was re-appointed as new executive management team, on performance-based merits, by the O’Neill-Dion government, to run the CS organization in 2016 and beyond.

For the purpose of good governance, transparency, Christian principle and ethics, as well as weeding out corruption in CS, for cost-savings, I openly appeal to the government, through CS Minister Jim Simatab and CS Commissioner Michael Waipo to re-establish or properly establish an independent commission of enquiry, to look into the “unattended” CS-Bomana-William Kapris prison saga that led to his illegal cell release, sex trade activities, prison murder, escapes and robberies, escape, capture, sent-off to conduct crimes, surrender and not taken to Bomana C.I prison, and his final killing dead. The killing dead of four state prisoners – Shane Aitsi, Michael Warangu, Raphael Walimini and kingpin William Kapris were not by mistake. All these killings were administratively planned and executed by a syndicate crime network within the CS-Bomana C.I prison, that involved a high profile and corrupt prison officials, of both male and female officers.

The enquiry team must also look into the unattended investigation reports of major prison escapes, killing dead of escapees, suspicious collapsed and dead of former CS Commissioner and his Deputy Commissioner, and the subsequent two major promotions and appointments made to those corrupt correctional officers who were implicated and highly involved in prisoner William Kapris’ prison escapes, robberies, sex trade crimes, escape and killing dead.

While the citizens and taxpayers of this country were lied through the media of the government-funded K4 million in the manhunt and recapture operations of prison escapees – William Kapris and Raphael Walimini, the citizens, families and relatives of the deceased state prisoners, Kapris, Walimini and Warangu, must be fully explained by authorities as to;

1. Why three escapees – Kapris, Walimini and Warangu were CAPTURED outside of the Bomana prison, a minute after their final four-men gang sex to a female CS officer and a walkout escape?
2. Why two Sepiks – Kapris and Walimini, after captured, were given a raw deal and further released out to go and commit crime of robberies, by drunken duty correctional officers?
3. Why a rejected Tolai Warangu was shot at and further killed, after his captured at Bomana prison riverside?
4. Why CS Commissioner immediately asked the government to release K4 million in the manhunt and capture operation, codenamed, “Operation Kilim Kapris” and issued a “shoot to kill” order, when all three escapees were already CAPTURED right there at Bomana prison riverside.
5. Why two Sepiks – Kapris and Warangu were surrendered alive to CS hunting team on a day before their killing dead, and were not taken alive back to Bomana C.I prison?.
6. Why the entire men and women CS officers implicated and involved in this high profile Kapris’ crimes and sex trade saga were all promoted and appointed to various positions that played crimes over Kapris’ trade mark name, while incarcerated to Bomana C.I prison?

The CS Minister have promised the Parliament to conduct investigation into my suspension for reporting on the escape of Kapris, Walimini and Warangu, when prison Commander Joe Jako and his prison management team were all absent from the prison, knowingly as planned, to allow this final escape and killing dead of prisoner William Kapris. The prison Commander Joe Jako and his management team were not investigated and criminally dealt with under the law, as promised by CS Minister. I am still waiting for this promised investigation to take place, and I was not dealt with by the proper Disciplinary Board. But for some reason, the troubled Commander Joe Jako was allowed to and appointed as a Chairman (Judge) of the CS Disciplinary Board and held a one “kangaroo court” and punished me in a demotion from Senior Inspector rank down to Sergeant rank, for reporting against his absentism in prison and the escape of three deceased prisoners. The escape that was not allowed to be reported to the public, but I did, for the good of national security, people and country.

All this investigation reports were deliberately shelved and Joe Jako is now promoted and appointed as CS Assistant Commissioner, thereafter, all this sex traded female CS officers and criminal male CS officers were “falsely” suspended and later re-instated back to work and further promoted, despite the entire disasters that they did to the people of this country.

The issue that I am raising once again in this new year must be taken seriously and immediately as the first business by the new CS Executive Team to deal with. If the new CSET decide to remain silent over the whole lot of this CS issues and pretend that nothing went wrong at the time of these reports, then, I am afraid, CS will be heading to a gloomy 2016 season, as Disciplinary System within the CS is already compromised, the CS Act 1995 has been tempered with to suit personal desires and Promotions are seen to be rewarded to those who keep breaking the prison rules and committing crimes during the course of their duties.

Why is it that the whole lot of high profile female CS officers who involved in the sex trade programs that led to the innocent and suspicious deaths of male prisoners were not arrested, charged, imprisoned and killed as well, but are well looked after?. Why is the male CS officers who captured the three escapees and sent them off to commit crimes were not arrested, charged and imprisoned?. Is it simply because they implemented and executed orders from the top superiors, so they be safeguarded and further promoted?.

The general conduct of correctional officers in this particular cases in CS and the prison are in breach of the Correctional Service Act 1995, as well as their actions has highly infringe or in violation of the UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners, that led to the innocent killing dead of prisoners. Justice were unfairly served.

Of all those who committed both disciplinary and criminal offences within the confines of Correctional Service, no one officer is terminated from the CS, imprisoned or killed, but highly promoted. What is the price for PNG citizens and taxpayers to simply loose more than K60 million in Kapris’ name tag by the corrupt doings of CS officers and the loss of human lives of four state prisoners – Aitsi, Warangu, Walimini and Kapris, on the hands of corrupt correctional officers?. A K60 million kina for very bad or poor outcomes, yet, more millions of kina will be awarded to corrupt correctional officers, through their promotions and salary incentives.

A frustrated warder who holds a key to the prison cell can cause a great prison disaster, and let the taxpayers to pay more. The old-cum newly appointed CSET must now think new and act new in this New Year 2016 and beyond.