One time Human Rights Lawyer cum Politician and NCD Governor Powes Parkop is the latest politician to fall prey to a seemingly increasing tide of targeted sexual attacks on PNG politicians, CEOs and heads of government by foreign interests using the lure of sex and corrupt money.

Word on the street is that Powes Parkop is now estranged from his wife of many years Jean Parkop and is now involved with a number of women in extra marital affairs, including his Yoga Instructor Fazila Bazari.

Fazila Bazari is one of those increasing numbers of foreign women who have been targeting PNG politicians with sex in exchange for favors, including money and lucrative contracts for themselves or the foreign interests they represent.

This latest trend which has been in existence for sometime but has been exposed in recent times is a real danger and threat to PNG's national security as leaders compromise national interests in exchange for personal sexual and monetary favors.

The person at the top of the list and leading the current crop of PNG politicians down this slippery slope of moral degradation and decay is none other than Prime Minister Peter O'Neill himself. With a long list of mistresses and "wives", Peter O'Neill can be likened to a modern day King Solomon who had more than 1,000 wives and concubines.

Now that Governor Powes Parkop has fallen victim to this latest wave of sexual attacks on PNG politicians with a wrecked home and marriage, can he be trusted to continue being the Governor of NCD? Is he still a "fit and proper" person to occupy this high and esteemed office?

The same question can be asked about his now estranged wife Jean Parkop who is vying and campaigning to replace the outstanding and outspoken Oro Governor Hon Gary Juffa. Does she have what it takes to lead the people of Oro and PNG the same way Governor Juffa has done? Is she a "fit and proper person" now that she is suffering from the effects of a failed marriage?

Money, Sex and Power are a potent mix and it seems many PNG Politicians and CEOs have fallen victims to these vices. Only time will reveal who are the real men and women that have stood firm against these temptations.