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David Wereh hails from Kuwi village in Kuare LLG in Pangia/Ialibu electorate. Kuare LLG has 17 council wards but 7 council wards are part of Kagua/Erave electorate whilst the other 7 are part of Pangia/Ialibu electorate.

He started his professional career through Department of Works based in Kainantu in 1999 after graduating from University of Technology with a degree in Civil Engineering in 1998. He was a junior officer but through some deals with the former Works Secretary Mr Luma, David got promoted and was posted to Wabag Works in Enga Province in 2003.

He was there until 2009. His uncle Mr Samson Wereh (a failed Primary School Teacher) who was based at Kagua District Office as a junior officer won a place at Ialibu District office so he was posted there.  Whilst at Ialibu Mr Samson Wereh made some crook deals with the District Administrator, then was Mr Patrick Rama and made alliances with Peter ONeill.

Through family connections Mr David Wereh was immediately promoted to Deputy Works Secretary in Port Moresby in 2010.  David was only a junior Works Manager in Enga Province and was not capable in managing multi-million kina projects, he lacked experience in major road works, let alone policy development and implementation and other administrative issues.

Right after Peter ONeill became Prime Minister again in 2012 David was elevated to acting works Secretary and then to full Works Secretary. In fear of his own incompetency David brought his old UNITECH school mate John Kaiyo from Enga.  John Kaiyo was working with a English Railway Company. Kaiyo was given the responsibility of taking care of Aid projects, particularly to do with ADB loans and other major projects.  David Wereh has become the rubber stamp to promote the daylight robbery of millions of monies earmarked for road and construction projects.

David Wereh just in 2016 bought off a land in Tindua area called Rorana grassland in Pangia/Ialibu electorate the land is located at a savanna grassland but is assumed to have some oil/mineral deposits. He paid for the land  with about K300,000.00 and with over 100 pigs. The land mass is around 50 plus hectares. Where did he get all these money to buy this huge land mass?

In December 2016 David Wereh dished out K10,000.00 plus one live cow each to the 7 council wards in Kuare LLG which equates to around K70,000.00 plus funds.  Where did he get all this funds from? This is primarily to keep the Kuare LLG 7 council wards intact for Peter ONeil.  He had to be seen to be doing this or he gets the boot from PM.

David Wereh is seen as a very trusted confidant of Prime Minister O'Neill, he has made himself very rich overnight through the various kick-back schemes copying the same format enjoyed by the Minister responsible, Francis Awesa.

The house seen on the photo is his new residence, built at an amazing cost of over K2 Million kina from money, you guessed it right, kickbacks. If the head-snake is a crook so are the side-kicks.