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There is a particular group named Toale Hongiri, a sub clan of the Imawe Bogasi group, who have been abusing the government Printery in attempt to revoke several gazettals and ministerial determination over the past few months. They have being using the government printer as a private printer to demonstrate their cowardly act, thinking the public and institution may not go notice. They are the same group of people who have come out in the media (Post Courier) several times making baseless accusations on the principal landowners of Gobe Project.

They have even gone to the extreme with the intent of bribing a state Minister but was out rightly refused a dozen times. And their final act on this, their sins have caught up with them.

First and foremost, a ministerial determination was made by the DPE Minister- Nixon Duban recognising Wolutou ILG as the principal landowners of Gobe Petroleum Project PDL 3 through Gazettal NG. 25 of 2017 on Jan 19th 2017.

A minimum of 28 days grace period were given to the aggrieved parties to review the determination in court as per the Oil and Gas Act (Sect 169). However, with full knowledge, they took out paid advertorial on daily papers (within that grace period) to acuse a state Minister and have use it as a courthouse for their own recourse. They even wrote to Minister Duban threatening of contempt charges, using illicit tactics to try convinve the Minister to revoke the decisions.

Their attempt eventually failed when the 28 days of grace period, which expired on the 15th of Feb 2017. No record of any interest to sue the state and challenge the determination was registered, for Unkown reasons, they themselves know!

In another desperate attempt, they went to the extreme of forging a state Minister- Nixon Duban, a/Secretary for DPE- Mr. Kepsy Puiye and Secretary for Treasury - Mr. Dairi Vele in making a recent ministerial determination in the pretext of a statutory notice to revoke the previous determination. A copy of the forged notice of instrument and purported gazettal (NG. 133) published on Monday, 27 February 2017 is attached below. Copies were obtained from Government Printery.

Notice in the forged instrument:

1. No official crest on the notice of instrument.

2. Section 169 of the Oil and Gas Act was used as the basis for revocation, whereas the actual provision does not in any way give powers to the Minister to revoke a decision. Sect 169 gives the Minister discretionary power to make determination but not to revoke. He has no jurisdiction. Only the courts or an higher competent authority has the power to make a revocation. And that should come at the back of any legal challenge to review the determination within the original 28 days when the initial determination was made. That also lapsed so in fact, this is pure fraud!

3. The Director for Oil and Gas  and acting Secretary for DPE- Mr Kepsie Puiye signature is clearly a forgery. At this point of time, no revocation has been made yet on the Former Director of Oil and Gas Act - Mr David Manau. So officially, this gazettal is deemed invalid and fraudulent in nature.

4. Several discrepancies in the gazettal and notice. Determination in the schedules only show 54% - Wolutou and 45% - Gobe Legitimate Landowners Association, a shortfall of 1%, where did it go?

It is suspected that this work has been done behind the back of respected statutory bodies such DPE, Treasury and the office of the state minister. It also involves a number of DPE and government Printery officers, who had vested interest in the prolong Gobe royalty case. They are the work of the same ILG group, Toale Hongiri, backed by desperate paper landowners, with evil intention to deprive the rightful landowners of Gobe project and the state.

For the records, previous DPE Ministerial determination ( Roy Yaki and Moi Avei) for the Gobe Project was made purposely on benefits alone, without any recognition of landownership.

However, Wolutou ILG, being a resident clan of Samberigi and principal land owner, made representation to challenge those ministerial determination back in 2005 in the national and Supreme Court and until recently, being recognised by the LTC Commissioner as owning portion of land covering PDL 3 & PDL 4 license blocks, through LTC detemination published on NG 785, 19th Oct 2016. Following this determination, the DPE Minister- Nixon Duban,  used his power under Sect 169 to make the determination. Since then, fraudsters who think they will get recognised only through paper pursue those illegal activities. They do not have any lands.

I now call upon respective affected state agency to carry out a full investigation into the work of this fraudsters, starting with officers in the government printer. Names of the person who published this purported gazettal and his accomplice are available, please inbox and I will expose.

I urge government and statutory entities to be very careful also because anyone now can go up to government Printery and illegally get a notice printed. There needs to be a charter put in place at the government printer now to guide what to print or not to print. Let's expose this rot, please share this to all users