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What is your opinion on this man who had the audacity to tell the residents , of the city of Port Moresby that he had a million ideas , to improve the city, the nation and perhaps the whole world of his ingenious ways.

Lo and behold - even the heavens would open up to receive such a saintly character as as it is proclaimed, that the streets of heaven are only paved in only one colour, which off course is gold.

Well, after ten ( 10 ) solid year's in office as a lawmaker , he had become a turn coat from a human rights lawyer and anti- corruption campaigner to being an accomplished Yoga Master, neglecting, deflecting or abandoning his primary duties as a parliamentarian.

After distancing himself from Melanesian Solidarity ( MELSOL) a non government organization which he founded to fight social and economic injustice, he had opted to join the pin stripe club of the bourgeois, with his new found power to control the supply of money and jobs.

He crafting entered parliament as an independent and prostituted his million ideas to conveniently pose himself as a party leader of a group of men who were linked to city hall including his partner in crime and MP for Moresby South , Justin Tkatchenko, who has enjoyed the monopoly of Parks & Gardens contract , reaping millions of taxpayers money which they both share at the end of the day.

Powes Parkop, the master of deception has moved onto create an impression that he is a possible contender for the post of prime minister, when in actual fact is a poster boy for the Peoples National Congress.

In the last 2012 general elections Parkop collected K450,000.00  paid into his private account by Kostas Constantino and his construction company Hebou Construction made a payment of K500,000.00.

Of that money he withdrew K500, 000 on the 25th of June, 2012 , which was polling and it was used to bribe polling officials and voters alike.

Unfortunately for a human rights Lawyer, he submitted a false declaration to the Registrar of Political Parties , under the Social Democratic Party, even lying to his party hopefuls and executives, stating that the party executives , that the party had no money. Parkop was taken to court by his former Party General Secretary David Dom Kua in 2014 for falsifying documents in relation to fund raising.

Even the returns were submitted well after due date , as there were no facts to back the truth, when it was received by the office of the Registrar on the 05/09/2013. The Registrar of Political Parties ought to de register the SDP and refer him to the Ombudsmen Commission to have him prosecuted under the leadership Code.