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PNC operatives have gone low this time by creating a Fake a PNG BLOGS Page, this is the desperation shown by the Napoleon complex driven Prime Minister who is desperate and is willing to do anything under the sun to return as Prime Minister because he has a lot riding on this Election.

The Fake Page is now being used to smear expats who have given their time and life to the service of Papua New Guinea. A poorly researched post describes Paul Baker head of the independent think tank Institute of National Affairs as being Australian, which he is not, he is a British citizen who came to PNG in his early 20s and has lived for more than 40+ years in PNG.

The Page is well financed as shown here in the accompanying picture, it says: SPONSORED... money well spent on a Fake Page emulating the real PNG BLOGS, we say thank you but where are your links to the website that has been hard hitting PNG Corruption on all fronts since 2009.

They do not have any intelligence at running an original campaign, theirs is to copy and steal ideas that resonated well with the bulk of Papua New Guineans. They have gone at length to steal and copy ideas one that stands out is the #UPNG4PNG hashtag which was used by UPNG and UNITECH Students during the standoff last year, this has been pushed by their Fake Media Team as PNC4PNG.

The campaign costing millions of   kina is run by a group of Australians who are taking their que from a handful of ‘coconuts’ and ‘Oreos’ who don’t really understand Papua New Guinea themselves. The tone of the FB page is elitist and blatantly suggests that Papua New Guineans are simple creatures who respond to bright warm colors and the hashtag #PNC4PNG plagiarized from the students they suppressed in the #UPNG4PNG/UOT4PNG campaign.