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by SAM TAMEAN (Enga Waii Pii)
Peter Ipatas the sitting Governor for Enga Province trailing terribly in campaign 2017 under Prime Minister Peter O'Neill's PNC Party. He has now resorted to playing the system by issuing a PREVENTATIVE ORDER to the front runner Jeffrey Balakau 7days ago.

Part of the Preventative order by Peter Ipatas to Jeffery Balakau states:
"Ipatas claimed in the order that he (Ipatas) was accused of being the one who killed late Malipu Balakau and in revenge Ipatas claims Jeffrey Balakau in his campaign is going around saying he will kill Ipatas hence the order"
The matter is postponed to Wednesday to talk face to face in front of OMS and PPC between Balakau and Ipatas to verify the claims.
For all  who do now know the history behind this, the late Malipu Balakau was assassinated June 30 1989 and that's like 28 years ago when he was the Enga Regional Member in Mt Hagen.
Now.... Why wait until now when team Balakau has campaigned non-stop the entire 4 corners of Enga within the 5 districts gaining momentum and only to be humiliated by awaking the forgotten death.

What is the message?
Is Peter Ipatas now cornered and scared?
Or is Peter Ipatas playing system in desperation?
Or is Peter Ipatas by Awakening the death in a hope to trigger tribal warfare between his team and Balakaus so that the Electoral Commission can easily cancel Enga Regional Election?
The dumb Engans that Peter Ipatas used to fool and play the system to win are long gone and those days are over.
Enough is enough. Engans are no longer stupids. Engans are human beings and NOT frogs, snakes, big-balls, goats & sheeps to be called.
Now Peter Ipatas must be very, very careful because all his systematic wins past elections 1997, 2002 & 2012 are histories.
Only Peter Ipatas desperation will destroy Enga. Let the Democratic process declare a leader in Enga.
Maybe Peter Ipatas regime is over. Would be best if he Peter Ipatas pull out of race before polling to maintain his SIR.
Now that you have awaken the death of Malipu Balakau, I personally don't know mate. The ball now is in your court. How you play it.... Name Balakau is the 6th Sense and only Engans defines it.