There seem to be a huge conspiracy among those so called bureaucrats and the government of the day. This election is already compromised and it's another scam. This illegal PNC led government will still come out victorious and form the next government because it has already voted itself. Your votes cast on the polling day is just for formality sake and won't hold any water. We all know they have printed 10 million copies of ballot papers in Indonesia, when our population is only 8 million. Out of the 8 million population, less then 6 million will vote. So where do you reckon the rest of the 4 million plus ballot papers would/has gone?

According to reliable sources from within the electoral commission, those remaining ballot papers have already been marked and placed in separate ballot boxes containing identical serial numbers of those that would be distributed to specific polling centers. After polling, those ballot boxes taken from the polling sites will be replaced during transportation with the tempered ballot boxes. And this will be done by those police and defense officers that are deployed to man the elections.

Infact, many of those security personnel have been already paid off and informed of their specific roles. And the man behind all this is the current deputy electoral commissioner in charge of Operations and goes by the name of Simon Senai, who is from Ialibu-Pangia and closely related to the Prime Minister.

Simon Senai has a pending case of election fraud at the National Court for his part in manipulating the elections in the Madang Open seat when he was the Returning Officer for Madang in the last 2012 election. http://www.thenational.com.pg/contempt-trial-decision-pending/

He was somehow promoted to the top post as deputy electoral commissioner operations shortly after. He was only a low rank officer but bypassed every due processes to get the top post while other senior officers capable for that post were overlooked.

He is now the man running the entire operations of this election. So does this makes any sense? There won't be any transparency whatsoever!!! The entre system of this nation has compromised with highly corrupt people.

Those senior politicians who are against corruption should wake up and start demanding the electoral commission for answers and investigate this before polling. This election is a scam so please don't get too involved as your lives are important. Share this so everyone is informed.

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