The resignation of the Elections Advisory Committee now reveals how the PNG National Elections 2017 were adulterated and corrupted. The reasons for the resignation of this committee comprised of eminent persons might be revealed later, but what is of most concern is the timing of their decision. These are learned people with standing in the society and their decision would have been a well-thought one. The decision decimates any doubt that the PNG elections were manipulated to favour the ruling party.

The Electoral Commission of Papua New Guinea is an independent constitutional body established by the Constitution. The constitutional law defines its operations and functions. An independent body comprised of the Prime Minister (or his nominee), the Opposition Leader, Parliamentary Appointments Committee Chairman and the Public Service Commission Chairman appoints the Electoral Commissioner. It is a constitutional body that receives its funding allocation by Parliament appropriation. Anyone can access the Organic Law on National and Local Level Government Elections online and confirm these positions.

Usually, the Prime Minister appoints a minister assisting the PM on constitutional matters would be in charge of the Electoral Commission, the Ombudsman Commission and other independent constitutional bodies like that. In this case however, PM did not appoint a minister, leaving himself to be the portfolio minister over these organisations. The political oversight is nevertheless not extended to operational matters.

The Elections Advisory Committee is the committee established by section 96C of the Organic Law. This committee and its members are established (not appointed) based on their respective positions to other independent organisations such as the Ombudsman Commission and the Transparency International. THE ELECTIONS ADVISORY COMMITTEE IS THE ONLY LEGITIMATELY AUTHORISED BODY TO ADVISE THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION ON ANY ISSUE CONCERNING THE ELECTIONS.

Isaac Lupari, the Chief of Everything should tell Papua New Guinea and the world which law authorises him to control, manipulate and interfere with the running of the elections.  There is no committee called Elections Steering Committee in the Organic Law so where has Lupari got his authorisation from?
It is believed that the main reason why the Elections Advisory Committee had tendered its resignation at such a critical time is because the committee is left in the dark as to how the elections are run and who the Electoral Commissioner is receiving his advice from. The Election Advisory Committee is the official channel of advice and direction but that has been left in the cold. Isaac Lupari seems to be the person running almost everything.

Lawyers and the Courts will advise us if this is right but something is seriously wrong here. Since when did Isaac Lupari become the master of everything? Lupari usurped the powers of the legitimate authority, rendering the committee useless. Lupari is illegally interfering with the National Elections and this is a treasonable offence where he is interfering with the sovereignty of our country. He should be arrested and charged immediately.

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