by Belden N. Namah MP
As in the game of Chess, O'Neill’s opening in assuming power was indeed truly remarkable because people like me made it possible. While he did not take us all to the moon it was still a remarkable ride. Two major loss he suffered recently may perhaps lead to the beginning of his end game.
The two major losses he suffered recently are of his own making.
First, by dragging his foot on an Electronic Election with the hope of influencing the outcome of the 2017 O'Neill woke up after the 2017 election results started coming in to see his majority in Parliament decimated from 60 members to only 23. We also saw for the first time under his leadership unprecedented level of election-related violence in the Capital of all the highlands Provinces with over 25 deaths and millions in losses and damages to property.
The election violence continues unabated today in his own Capital of Mendi where he remains powerless in restoring normalcy and where the entire future of the grade 10 and grade 12 students in Mendi may be ruined. In Mendi today Banks remain shut affecting the entire Business and Government services to his Province of Southern Highlands.
Peter O'Neill has lost legitimacy and Moral leadership over his inability to bring Southern Highlands back to normalcy.
His failure to bring Southern Highlands under control exposes O'Neill character as a small boy who likes to deal with soft Power by running to the courts to seek court orders to protect his own skin but when faced with real life-threatening situation such as the curtain of violence that has fallen over southern Highlands has shown him coming up wanting and inadequate.
I have dealt with civil conflicts in Bougainville and in the Sandline crisis by putting my life on line and I can see a fake leader from a mile. This kind of leaders are dangerous and can take the whole country down.
The second mistake that has now exposed O'Neill for what he is his Governments decision to sell its shares in Oil Search at a loss. This decision has exposed O'Neill as a liar and a cheat and confirms the fact that he cannot be trusted to deal with our resources, from a traditional point of view Peter O'Neill does not own traditional Land and wealth and will continue to shortchange resource owners and resource-rich provinces of their wealth by short changing us in any Negotiation with Multinational Companies.
Peter O'Neill has reached his end game with limited moves remaining and I urge all our Leaders to join me in removing Peter O'Neill from office before he does serious and irreparable damage to the country.

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