Words cannot fully express the disgust that is now felt throughout EHP on the stupidity, immaturity and criminality of the new governor of Eastern Highlands Province, Peter Numu. His ascension to power was never though a honest and fair game, Mr Numu himself cannot deny this fact! He was the only candidate in the 2017 National election in EHP that extensively used deceit, bribery, sorcery and external forces to get to power. Most of us at the counting venue know about these facts and also know that the petition case filed against him is a very competitive one, thus passing through listing and pre-trial hearings last month at Waigani National Courts without a single challenge to its competency and is listed early in February next year for trial. Just as this court was reaching its peak, Numu led mobs, street drug bodies and opportunists into looting the shop of the fellow candidate, who is also the petitioner. What a way to be a governor!

Numu was always a serial liar even at his early stages of student leaderships. He lied to EHP that he burnt the Australian flag during his student presidency at UPNG. He lied to EHP that he stands against corruption, all the while feeding from the fountains of O’Neil’s corrupt crony, Mr Joseph Tonde, who endorsed Numu under his party. After his victory, he ran back to daddy O’Neill. Few weeks into office, Numu announced on Facebook that he will build 14 Mini markets all throughout EHP but sadly not a single soil is turned even at the point of writing. The only visible progresses of this “Facebook projects” were just thousands of likes and comments on Facebook. He was very good at lying to his people to excite their emotions and prey on their illiteracy.

He is single handedly responsible for the 7 unreported election related deaths in EHP during the counting time. This was a history for the province as the peace loving kol peles never encountered election related deaths in their entire election history. During the counting, Numu’s scrutinizers deliberately moved papers of other candidates into his box. After a quarrel in the counting venue, his scrutinizers went to their disgusting leader, who in turn took it up onto Facebook and twisted the whole story around. Instead of owing up, he posted that all the candidates are jealous of him because he is leading by margin (Don’t be surprised when I tell you that that’s the same excuse he is using again to cover his recent foolishness on shop looting). Thus, this had led to a confrontation where Numu himself ordered his boys to clash with the rivalry candidates resulting in the death of more than seven people.

Now, fast forward to last Thursday, when he led a mob into looting the biggest shop in Goroka town, owned by the petitioner in the court case challenging his victory. Attached Loop news is just part of the whole story, the moderate part. I was at the scene of incident and here is the full account of the senselessness: Numu arrived at Bintangor Supermarket in town on Thursday. At the first glance, everyone realised that Numu was quite hung-over from excessive drinking the following night. (was later confirm by his close associates. And FYI, he is also a serial alcoholic, evident by the fast growth of his little beer-stomach and the numerous reports of his drunkenness in and around suburbs of Port Moresby like Dogura, Sabama, 6-mile, etc…with his Hagen families and cronies). Now, As Numu entered the shop, all the opportunists around the shop followed him in. In an attempt to impress them, he ordered everyone to get a rice bag each totalling up to K5000. When he went to the counter to pay, his card was rejected. Poor Numu didn’t realise that he had spent most of his savings on beer the other night. Frustrated and ashamed of his indigence, he told the shop manager that he’ll pay by check tomorrow (Friday) and walked out of the shop. On his way out, he openly told everyone to get anything, because he’ll be paying by check tomorrow. Well, the desperate street dwellers and mobs cannot be blamed for what they did because the directive came from the governor. Latest figure provided by the store management indicated the damage to over K1.2 million worth of properties and goods stolen. That’s the true color of Peter Numu right there!!

One thing silly Numu must not forget is that, Mr Simon Sia, owner of the Bintangor Store has been serving the poor people of EHP while Numu was hanging to his mama’s breast. Mr Sia is even among the top five philanthropists in the country and the only largest philanthropist in the province. He has done more in his 35yrs in EHP than what lousy Peter Numu will have ever done! Numu must not fool the province and the media that what has happened were attempts by rivalry candidates in an effort to tannish his name. That was his official response in other Loop news and TVWAN last night. He said, these are works of grievant candidates who are jealous just because he won the election by big margin and they (candidates) are only impersonating him. (Same old shallow bullshit, don’t you think?) What a very pathetic and inadequate reasoning! Let me tell Numu, you never have a name so don’t waste your time trying to make yourself play victim. What you did is in big daylight and no one is your stupid here. Most or not, all of the candidates have moved on in life and no one is interested in you anymore.

It is even very disappointing to note that none of this news, or any other post that reveals bad and truthful image about Numu, were ever approved by the administrators of the largest EHP Facebook forum (Eastern Highlands On Facebook) because few months ago, Numu warned the administrators for legal actions if they approve any of such posts, thus leading to him owning and controlling the point of view of the public on that forum. My continuous attempts to post this article were to no avail. Little EHP dictator!! What a low-life premature politician! Very sad term for EHP, a government runned by a criminal!

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