Lisa Vernon left Yumi Yet Limited after finding out about Fazilah Bazahri's corrupt intentions.

Lisa Vernon was a founder member of Yu Yet, a company set up with the intention to encourage and support grass roots approaches to well-being and literacy in PNG. Lisa is a highly qualified management consultant and set up YuYet in order to offer management consultancy services.   Lisa invested considerable sums of her own money in the organisation, setting up a successful literacy training network WanpelaSkulimWanpela and offering training to literacy tutors and schools. 
She would like to make it clear that during this time she received only 1,000 kina for expenses from Caritas plus 15,000 kina from NCDC for the Walk for Life programme. A considerable part of this funding was spent on supporting, transporting and feeding the young people involved in the yoga programme. These funds also contributed to her secure accommodation for one month. For the reminder of her time working on Walk for Life and WanpelaSkulimWanpela, she was accommodated by friends and funded by herself.
In November 2015 Lisa resigned from the company due to her concerns about the skills of her business partner Fazilah Bazahri and her worries about corruption.  In December 2015 Lisa was threatened at gunpoint and subsequently left the country.  She has continued to support literacy development in PNG and she feels strongly that the money spent on the Yoga programme would be much better spent on literacy projects such as Buk Bilong Pikinini.  Lisa believes that Walk for Life should remain a grass roots programme led by local people and that Yoga is only one very small element of supporting the people of PNG to lead healthy and productive lives.
Lisa is not, nor has she ever been, in a relationship with anyone in PNG politics. Her private life is exactly that, private. She is a Christian and comes from a solid Christian family in the UK.