This is an urgent call to NASFUND & MRDC, the two major shareholders in PNG AIR LIMITED.

PNG AIR LIMITED has been making a loss every year, and now the two shareholders have engaged auditors to do investigative audits to establish the facts why the airline company is making a loss, regardless of improvements in bringing 8x brand new ATRs.

The facts are very simple, if your EXPENSES are more than your income, you make a loss.

1. Most of the top Management's expenses are very high, Salary & wages alone for ONLY 30 expatriates is K2 million a FORTNIGHT, and 300+ locals is only K200,000.00 a fortnight.

The excessive K2million a fortnight or K8Million a month is only on Salary & Wages, excluding accommodation, fly in n outs of Pom, travel allowances and others.

All of these managers live in Australia and do fly in and fly outs. They live in hotels in PNG from Tuesdays to Thursdays and fly out on Friday and return on Mondays. Even the hotels are not used on Weekends, PNG AIR LIMITED is still paying for it fully, for the whole 7days, and 30day per month annually.

For a Financial Controller, his total Gross Salary per annum is K700,000.00+ excluding expenses like accommodation, fly in n outs!! Imagine the all 30 expats other expenses and benefits collectively!!!
PNG AIR is only there to feed these bastards on the expenses of us who save with NASFUND Savings.

Another syndicate is the collaboration in the Accounts Payable Division where the AP Manager is doing favours from the FC, Financial Accountant, COO, who liaise with three 3 stationery companies and make payments over K200,000 per month only on STATIONERY alone, let NASFUND & MRDC engaged auditors to check that n verify.

Now our vocal local staff who raising the alarm are being terminated on the spot, one victim is a senior staff (lady) who was just terminated yesterday, 21st May 2018 when she exposed it (AP) deals to the Internal Auditor.

Why these expatriates work in collaboration because the now terminated CEO brought in friends and cronies who know each other from his work contacts and networks, so all departments in PNG AIR LTD are being controlled by this network of 'save pes' from a certain ethnic group too.

NASFUND & MRDC must remove all the expatriates from Finance, Operations, HR  and remove local who cover these expatriates like the HR Manager and AP Manager.

We want a thorough investigation and remove all expatriates in the company, save cost and make the airline company prosperous n profitable. NASFUND Contributor