Joseph Goebbels was a contemporary of Adolf Hitler and a very smart media personality Hitler used during the Nazi's Reign of Terror.  He was the Minister for Communications and Propaganda and his job was to brainwash the ignorant German population on anti-Semitic views, the superiority of the White and the Nazi race  and many other lies.

Through his persistent lies and propaganda, the Jews were nearly exterminated from the face of the earth. Through his persistent lies and propaganda millions of soldiers lost their lives during the WW1. Only God knows the damages done to human lives and properties  as a result of one cunning persistent liar spreading false  news and propaganda.

Behind this backdrop of history,  I am saddened to see  a Joseph Goebbels look alike in  Sonja Barry Ramoi who without any shame persistently spreading O'Neill's lies and propaganda  through both Social and Main Stream medias on a daily basis.

To be honest,  every time I see a Press Release from Sonja Barry Ramoi I feel like throwing up. Her propaganda and false information are so nauseating and bitterly distasteful.

I am definitely sure Sonja Barry Ramoi  would be reading this post and I would like to appeal to you to stop making a  mockery of Journalism,  human intelligence,  human reasoning and human empathy.

Joseph Goebbels easily  connived his way around with the ignorant mass in those early days. Today we are living in a day and age of enlightenment.  PNGeans are no more "gullible and ignorant" idiots for  you and O'Neill to continue spreading your false  propaganda and lies.

I challenge Sonja Barry Ramoi and O'Neill and his well cushioned cronies and MPs on the Government side  to come down on the ground and see for yourselves the daily struggles every PNGean is facing. Here are a few list for you to get yourselves acquainted with:

1. Sky rocketed cost of living. Go into a shop with a K100 and you will check out at the counter with a small plastic bag  hardly containing enough to take care of a daily meal for an average PNG household...

2. Check out at the fuel pump and see how much a Liter is costing for Diesel and Petrol for poor struggling motorists....

3. Go down to a nearest General Hospital and see how many drugs are there on the selves for the sick patients...

4. Go visit a public school and see for yourselves how many students are sitting in a classroom? How many are squeezing tight into a desk...

5. Go and ask  lending officers  in our commercial banks and go through their lists of defaulted local business men and women who can not repay their loans....

6. Go to villages and towns and see how many graduates of colleagues and Universities walking around  hopelessly with no jobs....

7. Walk through the  cemeteries  and see the gravestones of infant babies dying of curable diseases because there are no medicines.

Is there is any humanity left in you? 1. Sonja Barry Ramoi?  2. Peter  O'Neill? And  3. Those MPs who are supporting Peter O'Neill? If the answer is YES  then please do the right thing for your fellow human beings in PNG who suffering.

1. Sonja Barry Ramoi: Stop spreading false news and propaganda and get a real job elsewhere. Stop being the subject of mockery and hatred in PNG. If you can not find a good paying job in PNG then go back  to where you come from and find a decent job. I'm sure you will.

2. Sonja please pass this pleading to  Peter O'Neill: Voluntarily resign and preserve your human dignity. You have nothing to loose in life. The business empire you built is enough to take care of you in your lifetime and for your offspring for generations to come. Negotiate with power brokers for immunity for you past crimes if this is what you are scared of. PNGeans are forgiving people.

3. MPs on the Government side for goodness sake talk among yourselves and install a new Government with a new PM. Your small people are suffering. Enough of your lack of empathy and show some concerns as leaders.

In conclusion I remind you Sonja Barry Ramoi that i have no personal grudge against you. I'm only putting forward a statement  of fact so that you report honest news and not false news and  propaganda by your  employer  who is a serial liar.

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